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+ The fuse driver has been renamed to fusefs(5) and been substantially
+ rewritten. The new driver includes many bug fixes and performance
+ enhancements, as well as the following user-visible features:
+ * Optional kernel-side permissions checks (-o default_permissions)
+ * mknod(2), socket(2), and pipe(2) support
+ * server side locking with fcntl(2)
+ * FUSE operations are now interruptible when mounted with -o intr
+ * server side handling of UTIME_NOW during utimensat(2)
+ * mount options may be updated with "mount -u"
+ * fusefs file system may now be exported over NFS
+ * RLIMIT_FSIZE support
+ * support for fuse file systems using protocols as old as 7.4
+ FUSE file system developers should also take note of the following new
+ features:
+ * The protocol level has been raised from 7.8 to 7.23
+ * kqueue support on /dev/fuse
+ * server-initiated cache invalidation via FUSE_NOTIFY_REPLY
gnop(8) can now configure a delay to be applied to read and write
request delays. See the -d, -q and -x parameters.