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zfs: enable SPA_PROCESS on the kernel side
The purpose of this change is to group kernelthreads specific to a particular ZFS pool under a kernel process. There can be many dozens of threads per pool. This change improves observability of those threads. This change consists of several subchanges: 1. illumos taskq_create_proc can now pass its process parameter to taskqueue. Also, use zfsproc instead of NULL for taskq_create. Caveat: zfsproc might not be initialized yet. But in that case it is still NULL, so not worse than before. 2. illumos sys/proc.h: kthread id is stored in t_did field, not t_tid. 3. zfs: enable SPA_PROCESS on the kernel side. The change is a bit hairy as newproc() is implemented privately to spa.c. I couldn't think of a better way to populate process name than to poke inside the argument for the process routine. 4. illumos thread_create: allow assigning thread to process other than zfsproc. 5. zfs: expose spa_proc to other users, assign sync and quiesce threads to it. Pool-specific threads created using (relatively new) zthr mechanism are still assigned to the zfskern process rather than to a respective zpool-xxx process. I am going to address this a bit later. Reviewed by: no one MFC after: 5 weeks Relnotes: perhaps Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9720
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