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authorBill Swingle <unfurl@FreeBSD.org>2000-02-17 03:17:03 +0000
committerBill Swingle <unfurl@FreeBSD.org>2000-02-17 03:17:03 +0000
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From the PR:
Three minor changes to the manpage of chmod(1). 1. At the description of -H option, I added that symlinks are not followed _by default_ to show that links can be followed, but the default chmod behavior is not to do so. 2. Moved a misplaced .Va file command up to the place it belongs. 3. Simplified the grammar that describes symbolic modes. PR: 16749 Submitted by: Giorgos Keramidas <keramida@ceid.upatras.gr>
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=57274
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diff --git a/bin/chmod/chmod.1 b/bin/chmod/chmod.1
index 4fbf25558712..847e1900fa08 100644
--- a/bin/chmod/chmod.1
+++ b/bin/chmod/chmod.1
@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ The options are as follows:
If the
.Fl R
option is specified, symbolic links on the command line are followed.
-(Symbolic links encountered in the tree traversal are not followed.)
+(Symbolic links encountered in the tree traversal are not followed by
.It Fl L
If the
.Fl R
@@ -81,11 +82,11 @@ instead of just the files themselves.
Do not display a diagnostic message if
could not modify the mode for
+.Va file .
.It Fl v
to be verbose, showing files as the mode is modified.
-.Va file .
Symbolic links do not have modes, so unless the
@@ -171,9 +172,8 @@ others, and no set-uid or set-gid behaviour is 755
The symbolic mode is described by the following grammar:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
mode ::= clause [, clause ...]
-clause ::= [who ...] [action ...] last_action
+clause ::= [who ...] [action ...] action
action ::= op [perm ...]
-last_action ::= op [perm ...]
who ::= a | u | g | o
op ::= + | \- | =
perm ::= r | s | t | w | x | X | u | g | o