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Don't duplicate the description of the sticky bit that is already
part of chmod(2) and sticky(8), but refer to those manpages instead. PR: docs/35605 Submitted by: Gary W. Swearingen <swear@blarg.net>
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=99847
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@@ -127,13 +127,10 @@ option to
will run with effective gid set to the gid of the file owner.
.It Li 1000
(the sticky bit)
-When set on a directory, unprivileged users can delete and rename
-only those files in the directory that are owned by them, regardless of
-the permissions on the directory. Under
-.Fx ,
-the sticky bit is
-ignored for executable files and may only be set for directories (see
-.Xr sticky 8 ) .
+.Xr chmod 2
+.Xr sticky 8 .
.It Li 0400
Allow read by owner.
.It Li 0200