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Improve description of absolute modes.
Submitted by: Josh Gilliam <josh@quick.net> PR: 6634
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=36175
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.\" @(#)chmod.1 8.4 (Berkeley) 3/31/94
-.\" $Id: chmod.1,v 1.8 1997/11/13 00:28:47 julian Exp $
+.\" $Id: chmod.1,v 1.9 1998/05/06 06:50:06 charnier Exp $
.Dd March 31, 1994
@@ -103,35 +103,59 @@ The
utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.
Modes may be absolute or symbolic.
-An absolute mode is an octal number constructed by
-.Ar or-ing
-the following values:
+An absolute mode is an octal number constructed from the sum of
+one or more of the following values:
.Bl -tag -width 6n -compact -offset indent
.It Li 4000
-( see
+(the set-user-ID-on-execution bit) Executable files with this bit set
+will run with effective uid set to the uid of the file owner.
+Directories with the set-user-id bit set will force all files and
+sub-directories created in them to be owned by the directory owner
+and not by the uid of the creating process, if the underlying file
+system supports this feature: see
.Xr chmod 2
-for directories )
+and the
+.Ar suiddir
+option to
+.Xr mount 1 .
.It Li 2000
+(the set-group-ID-on-execution bit) Executable files with this bit set
+will run with effective gid set to the gid of the file owner.
.It Li 1000
-sticky bit, see
-.Xr chmod 2
+(the sticky bit)
+When set on a directory, unprivileged users can delete and rename
+only those files in the directory that are owned by them, regardless of
+the permissions on the directory. Under FreeBSD, the sticky bit is
+ignored for executable files and may only be set for directories (see
+.Xr sticky 8 ).
.It Li 0400
-read by owner
+Allow read by owner.
.It Li 0200
-write by owner
+Allow write by owner.
.It Li 0100
-execute (or search for directories) by owner
-.It Li 0070
-read, write, execute/search by group
-.It Li 0007
-read, write, execute/search by others
+For files, allow execution by owner. For directories, allow the owner to
+search in the directory.
+.It Li 0040
+Allow read by group members.
+.It Li 0020
+Allow write by group members.
+.It Li 0010
+For files, allow execution by group members. For directories, allow
+group members to search in the directory.
+.It Li 0004
+Allow read by others.
+.It Li 0002
+Allow write by others.
+.It Li 0001
+For files, allow execution by others. For directories allow others to
+search in the directory.
-The read, write, and execute/search values for group and others
-are encoded as described for owner.
+For example, the absolute mode that permits read, write and execute by
+the owner, read and execute by group members, read and execute by
+others, and no set-uid or set-gid behaviour is 755
The symbolic mode is described by the following grammar:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
@@ -280,13 +304,15 @@ option for the naughty bits.
.Xr chflags 1 ,
.Xr install 1 ,
+.Xr mount 1 ,
.Xr chmod 2 ,
.Xr stat 2 ,
.Xr umask 2 ,
.Xr fts 3 ,
.Xr setmode 3 ,
.Xr symlink 7 ,
-.Xr chown 8
+.Xr chown 8 ,
+.Xr sticky 8