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Improve shell documentation:
* Consistently misspell built-in as builtin. * Add a builtin(1) manpage and create builtin(1) MLINKS for all shell builtin commands for which no standalone utility exists. These MLINKS replace those that were created for csh(1). * Add appropriate xrefs for builtin(1) to the csh(1) and sh(1) manpages, as well as to the manpages of standalone utilities which are supported as shell builtin commands in at least one of the shells. In such manpages, explain that similar functionality may be provided as a shell builtin command. * Improve sh(1)'s description of the cd builtin command. Csh(1) already describes it adequately. Replace the cd(1) manpage with a builtin(1) MLINKS link. * Clean up some mdoc problems: use Xr instead of literal "foo(n)"; use Ic instead of Xr for shell builtin commands. * Undo English contractions. Reviewed by: mpp, rgrimes
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diff --git a/bin/kill/kill.1 b/bin/kill/kill.1
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--- a/bin/kill/kill.1
+++ b/bin/kill/kill.1
@@ -110,17 +110,14 @@ ALRM (alarm clock)
TERM (software termination signal)
-.Nm Kill
-is a built-in to
-.Xr csh 1 ;
-it allows job specifiers of the form ``%...'' as arguments
-so process id's are not as often used as
+Some shells may provide a builtin
-.Xr csh 1
-for details.
+command which is similar or identical to this utility. Consult
+.Xr builtin 1
+manual page.
+.Xr builtin 1 ,
.Xr csh 1 ,
.Xr killall 1 ,
.Xr ps 1 ,