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Merge ZFS version 15 and almost all OpenSolaris bugfixes referenced
in Solaris 10 updates 141445-09 and 142901-14. Detailed information: (OpenSolaris revisions and Bug IDs, Solaris 10 patch numbers) 7844:effed23820ae 6755435 zfs_open() and zfs_close() needs to use ZFS_ENTER/ZFS_VERIFY_ZP (141445-01) 7897:e520d8258820 6748436 inconsistent zpool.cache in boot_archive could panic a zfs root filesystem upon boot-up (141445-01) 7965:b795da521357 6740164 zpool attach can create an illegal root pool (141909-02) 8084:b811cc60d650 6769612 zpool_import() will continue to write to cachefile even if altroot is set (N/A) 8121:7fd09d4ebd9c 6757430 want an option for zdb to disable space map loading and leak tracking (141445-01) 8129:e4f45a0bfbb0 6542860 ASSERT: reason != VDEV_LABEL_REMOVE||vdev_inuse(vd, crtxg, reason, 0) (141445-01) 8188:fd00c0a81e80 6761100 want zdb option to select older uberblocks (141445-01) 8190:6eeea43ced42 6774886 zfs_setattr() won't allow ndmp to restore SUNWattr_rw (141445-01) 8225:59a9961c2aeb 6737463 panic while trying to write out config file if root pool import fails (141445-01) 8227:f7d7be9b1f56 6765294 Refactor replay (141445-01) 8228:51e9ca9ee3a5 6572357 libzfs should do more to avoid mnttab lookups (141909-01) 6572376 zfs_iter_filesystems and zfs_iter_snapshots get objset stats twice (141909-01) 8241:5a60f16123ba 6328632 zpool offline is a bit too conservative (141445-01) 6739487 ASSERT: txg <= spa_final_txg due to scrub/export race (141445-01) 6767129 ASSERT: cvd->vdev_isspare, in spa_vdev_detach() (141445-01) 6747698 checksum failures after offline -t / export / import / scrub (141445-01) 6745863 ZFS writes to disk after it has been offlined (141445-01) 6722540 50% slowdown on scrub/resilver with certain vdev configurations (141445-01) 6759999 resilver logic rewrites ditto blocks on both source and destination (141445-01) 6758107 I/O should never suspend during spa_load() (141445-01) 6776548 codereview(1) runs off the page when faced with multi-line comments (N/A) 6761406 AMD errata 91 workaround doesn't work on 64-bit systems (141445-01) 8242:e46e4b2f0a03 6770866 GRUB/ZFS should require physical path or devid, but not both (141445-01) 8269:03a7e9050cfd 6674216 "zfs share" doesn't work, but "zfs set sharenfs=on" does (141445-01) 6621164 $SRC/cmd/zfs/zfs_main.c seems to have a syntax error in the translation note (141445-01) 6635482 i18n problems in libzfs_dataset.c and zfs_main.c (141445-01) 6595194 "zfs get" VALUE column is as wide as NAME (141445-01) 6722991 vdev_disk.c: error checking for ddi_pathname_to_dev_t() must test for NODEV (141445-01) 6396518 ASSERT strings shouldn't be pre-processed (141445-01) 8274:846b39508aff 6713916 scrub/resilver needlessly decompress data (141445-01) 8343:655db2375fed 6739553 libzfs_status msgid table is out of sync (141445-01) 6784104 libzfs unfairly rejects numerical values greater than 2^63 (141445-01) 6784108 zfs_realloc() should not free original memory on failure (141445-01) 8525:e0e0e525d0f8 6788830 set large value to reservation cause core dump (141445-01) 6791064 want sysevents for ZFS scrub (141445-01) 6791066 need to be able to set cachefile on faulted pools (141445-01) 6791071 zpool_do_import() should not enable datasets on faulted pools (141445-01) 6792134 getting multiple properties on a faulted pool leads to confusion (141445-01) 8547:bcc7b46e5ff7 6792884 Vista clients cannot access .zfs (141445-01) 8632:36ef517870a3 6798384 It can take a village to raise a zio (141445-01) 8636:7e4ce9158df3 6551866 deadlock between zfs_write(), zfs_freesp(), and zfs_putapage() (141909-01) 6504953 zfs_getpage() misunderstands VOP_GETPAGE() interface (141909-01) 6702206 ZFS read/writer lock contention throttles sendfile() benchmark (141445-01) 6780491 Zone on a ZFS filesystem has poor fork/exec performance (141445-01) 6747596 assertion failed: DVA_EQUAL(BP_IDENTITY(&zio->io_bp_orig), BP_IDENTITY(zio->io_bp))); (141445-01) 8692:692d4668b40d 6801507 ZFS read aggregation should not mind the gap (141445-01) 8697:e62d2612c14d 6633095 creating a filesystem with many properties set is slow (141445-01) 8768:dfecfdbb27ed 6775697 oracle crashes when overwriting after hitting quota on zfs (141909-01) 8811:f8deccf701cf 6790687 libzfs mnttab caching ignores external changes (141445-01) 6791101 memory leak from libzfs_mnttab_init (141445-01) 8845:91af0d9c0790 6800942 smb_session_create() incorrectly stores IP addresses (N/A) 6582163 Access Control List (ACL) for shares (141445-01) 6804954 smb_search - shortname field should be space padded following the NULL terminator (N/A) 6800184 Panic at smb_oplock_conflict+0x35() (N/A) 8876:59d2e67b4b65 6803822 Reboot after replacement of system disk in a ZFS mirror drops to grub> prompt (141445-01) 8924:5af812f84759 6789318 coredump when issue zdb -uuuu poolname/ (141445-01) 6790345 zdb -dddd -e poolname coredump (141445-01) 6797109 zdb: 'zdb -dddddd pool_name/fs_name inode' coredump if the file with inode was deleted (141445-01) 6797118 zdb: 'zdb -dddddd poolname inum' coredump if I miss the fs name (141445-01) 6803343 shareiscsi=on failed, iscsitgtd failed request to share (141445-01) 9030:243fd360d81f 6815893 hang mounting a dataset after booting into a new boot environment (141445-01) 9056:826e1858a846 6809691 'zpool create -f' no longer overwrites ufs infomation (141445-01) 9179:d8fbd96b79b3 6790064 zfs needs to determine uid and gid earlier in create process (141445-01) 9214:8d350e5d04aa 6604992 forced unmount + being in .zfs/snapshot/<snap1> = not happy (141909-01) 6810367 assertion failed: dvp->v_flag & VROOT, file: ../../common/fs/gfs.c, line: 426 (141909-01) 9229:e3f8b41e5db4 6807765 ztest_dsl_dataset_promote_busy needs to clean up after ENOSPC (141445-01) 9230:e4561e3eb1ef 6821169 offlining a device results in checksum errors (141445-01) 6821170 ZFS should not increment error stats for unavailable devices (141445-01) 6824006 need to increase issue and interrupt taskqs threads in zfs (141445-01) 9234:bffdc4fc05c4 6792139 recovering from a suspended pool needs some work (141445-01) 6794830 reboot command hangs on a failed zfs pool (141445-01) 9246:67c03c93c071 6824062 System panicked in zfs_mount due to NULL pointer dereference when running btts and svvs tests (141909-01) 9276:a8a7fc849933 6816124 System crash running zpool destroy on broken zpool (141445-03) 9355:09928982c591 6818183 zfs snapshot -r is slow due to set_snap_props() doing txg_wait_synced() for each new snapshot (141445-03) 9391:413d0661ef33 6710376 log device can show incorrect status when other parts of pool are degraded (141445-03) 9396:f41cf682d0d3 (part already merged) 6501037 want user/group quotas on ZFS (141445-03) 6827260 assertion failed in arc_read(): hdr == pbuf->b_hdr (141445-03) 6815592 panic: No such hold X on refcount Y from zfs_znode_move (141445-03) 6759986 zfs list shows temporary %clone when doing online zfs recv (141445-03) 9404:319573cd93f8 6774713 zfs ignores canmount=noauto when sharenfs property != off (141445-03) 9412:4aefd8704ce0 6717022 ZFS DMU needs zero-copy support (141445-03) 9425:e7ffacaec3a8 6799895 spa_add_spares() needs to be protected by config lock (141445-03) 6826466 want to post sysevents on hot spare activation (141445-03) 6826468 spa 'allowfaulted' needs some work (141445-03) 6826469 kernel support for storing vdev FRU information (141445-03) 6826470 skip posting checksum errors from DTL regions of leaf vdevs (141445-03) 6826471 I/O errors after device remove probe can confuse FMA (141445-03) 6826472 spares should enjoy some of the benefits of cache devices (141445-03) 9443:2a96d8478e95 6833711 gang leaders shouldn't have to be logical (141445-03) 9463:d0bd231c7518 6764124 want zdb to be able to checksum metadata blocks only (141445-03) 9465:8372081b8019 6830237 zfs panic in zfs_groupmember() (141445-03) 9466:1fdfd1fed9c4 6833162 phantom log device in zpool status (141445-03) 9469:4f68f041ddcd 6824968 add ZFS userquota support to rquotad (141445-03) 9470:6d827468d7b5 6834217 godfather I/O should reexecute (141445-03) 9480:fcff33da767f 6596237 Stop looking and start ganging (141909-02) 9493:9933d599bc93 6623978 lwb->lwb_buf != NULL, file ../../../uts/common/fs/zfs/zil.c, line 787, function zil_lwb_commit (141445-06) 9512:64cafcbcc337 6801810 Commit of aligned streaming rewrites to ZIL device causes unwanted disk reads (N/A) 9515:d3b739d9d043 6586537 async zio taskqs can block out userland commands (142901-09) 9554:787363635b6a 6836768 zfs_userspace() callback has no way to indicate failure (N/A) 9574:1eb6a6ab2c57 6838062 zfs panics when an error is encountered in space_map_load() (141909-02) 9583:b0696cd037cc 6794136 Panic BAD TRAP: type=e when importing degraded zraid pool. (141909-03) 9630:e25a03f552e0 6776104 "zfs import" deadlock between spa_unload() and spa_async_thread() (141445-06) 9653:a70048a304d1 6664765 Unable to remove files when using fat-zap and quota exceeded on ZFS filesystem (141445-06) 9688:127be1845343 6841321 zfs userspace / zfs get userused@ doesn't work on mounted snapshot (N/A) 6843069 zfs get userused@S-1-... doesn't work (N/A) 9873:8ddc892eca6e 6847229 assertion failed: refcount_count(&tx->tx_space_written) + delta <= tx->tx_space_towrite in dmu_tx.c (141445-06) 9904:d260bd3fd47c 6838344 kernel heap corruption detected on zil while stress testing (141445-06) 9951:a4895b3dd543 6844900 zfs_ioc_userspace_upgrade leaks (N/A) 10040:38b25aeeaf7a 6857012 zfs panics on zpool import (141445-06) 10000:241a51d8720c 6848242 zdb -e no longer works as expected (N/A) 10100:4a6965f6bef8 6856634 snv_117 not booting: zfs_parse_bootfs: error2 (141445-07) 10160:a45b03783d44 6861983 zfs should use new name <-> SID interfaces (N/A) 6862984 userquota commands can hang (141445-06) 10299:80845694147f 6696858 zfs receive of incremental replication stream can dereference NULL pointer and crash (N/A) 10302:a9e3d1987706 6696858 zfs receive of incremental replication stream can dereference NULL pointer and crash (fix lint) (N/A) 10575:2a8816c5173b (partial merge) 6882227 spa_async_remove() shouldn't do a full clear (142901-14) 10800:469478b180d9 6880764 fsync on zfs is broken if writes are greater than 32kb on a hard crash and no log attached (142901-09) 6793430 zdb -ivvvv assertion failure: bp->blk_cksum.zc_word[2] == dmu_objset_id(zilog->zl_os) (N/A) 10801:e0bf032e8673 (partial merge) 6822816 assertion failed: zap_remove_int(ds_next_clones_obj) returns ENOENT (142901-09) 10810:b6b161a6ae4a 6892298 buf->b_hdr->b_state != arc_anon, file: ../../common/fs/zfs/arc.c, line: 2849 (142901-09) 10890:499786962772 6807339 spurious checksum errors when replacing a vdev (142901-13) 11249:6c30f7dfc97b 6906110 bad trap panic in zil_replay_log_record (142901-13) 6906946 zfs replay isn't handling uid/gid correctly (142901-13) 11454:6e69bacc1a5a 6898245 suspended zpool should not cause rest of the zfs/zpool commands to hang (142901-10) 11546:42ea6be8961b (partial merge) 6833999 3-way deadlock in dsl_dataset_hold_ref() and dsl_sync_task_group_sync() (142901-09) Discussed with: pjd Approved by: delphij (mentor) Obtained from: OpenSolaris (multiple Bug IDs) MFC after: 2 months
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=209962
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1 files changed, 9 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/cddl/compat/opensolaris/include/mnttab.h b/cddl/compat/opensolaris/include/mnttab.h
index abd2f9dcc70c..a18dd8d1893b 100644
--- a/cddl/compat/opensolaris/include/mnttab.h
+++ b/cddl/compat/opensolaris/include/mnttab.h
@@ -3,10 +3,13 @@
+#include <sys/param.h>
+#include <sys/mount.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <paths.h>
#define MNT_LINE_MAX 1024
#define umount2(p, f) unmount(p, f)
@@ -17,7 +20,12 @@ struct mnttab {
char *mnt_fstype;
char *mnt_mntopts;
+#define extmnttab mnttab
int getmntany(FILE *fd, struct mnttab *mgetp, struct mnttab *mrefp);
+int getmntent(FILE *fp, struct mnttab *mp);
+char *hasmntopt(struct mnttab *mnt, char *opt);
+void statfs2mnttab(struct statfs *sfs, struct mnttab *mp);
#endif /* !_OPENSOLARIS_MNTTAB_H_ */