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Walk back r337554 while discussion continues
The idea was to get the uncontroversial mechanical change out of the way, then get the meatier functional changes reviewed subsequently. I had not realized that the immediately adjacent issue was addressed in a different direction in r334506 (see Warner's guidance in D15592). Discussion continues, trying to determine if there is a secondary issue still[1] and how best to fix it. With 12-related activities coming up, while that is ongoing, just take this back for now. [1]: Shutdown-time eventhandler events fire normally during panic's reboot path. Driver callbacks that attempt to issue and wait on interrupt- completed IO may never complete, hanging the system. This is particularly obnoxious in the shutdown/panic path, as the debugger cannot be entered anymore and the hang prevents reboot restoring availability. (There's nothing CAM-specific about this problem -- any shutdown event-triggered driver could do something like this during panic. But most NICs, etc. don't try to send spin-down commands at shutdown. ;-)) Discussed with: imp, markj
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