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bsdinstall: Suggest the GPT+Active workaround on Dell T5810
The Dell Precision Tower 5810 fails to boot from GPT in Legacy/BIOS mode without the Active flag in the Protective MBR. Suggest the workaround during installation. Since an increasing number of Dell systems exhibit this behavior, I imagine all Dells past a certain date will do so. I would like to suggest the workaround for all Dells with a BIOS date of, say, 2014 or later, but I would need to test a variety of systems before committing such a change. Reviewed by: allanjude, dteske MFC after: 5 days Relnotes: We should probably suggest using GPT+Active on "recent" Dells. Sponsored by: Dell Inc. Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D4075
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