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tip: Fix pointer-vs-integer confusion
Currently IREMOTE assumes that every value is (initially) a pointer to a long. This is true for NUMBERs, but false for STRINGs, which are instead pointers to pointers, though on ILP32 and LP64 systems these happen to have the same representation, but this is still a strict aliasing violation, and of course breaks on systems where the representations are not the same, such as CHERI. We do not currently have any BOOLs (short, curiously) or CHARs used with IREMOTE, though the code should not be relying on that. This removes the unused setaddress macro, and the now-unused address macro due to the above issue. Reviewed by: imp, kib Obtained from: CheriBSD Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D30697
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