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Add infrastructure to integrate the DTrace test suite with Kyua.
For each test category, we generate a script containing ATF test cases for the tests under that category. Each test case simply runs dtest.pl (the upstream test harness) with the corresponding test files. The exclude.sh script is used to record info about tests which should be skipped or are expected to fail; it is used to generate atf_skip and atf_expect_fail calls. The genmakefiles.sh script can be used to regenerate the test makefiles when new tests are brought it from upstream. The test suite is currently not connected to the build as there is a small number of lingering test issues which still need to be worked out. In the meantime however, the test suite can be easily built and installed manually from cddl/usr.sbin/dtrace/tests. Reviewed by: ngie Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=279418
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+# $FreeBSD$
+# This file lists DTrace tests which are known to fail or hang/crash the
+# system. They were pulled from the legacy DTrace test infrastructure in
+# tools/tests/dtrace and may be out of date.
+# Tests are listed here generally because one or more of the following is true:
+# 1) The test is broken (usually because it assumes it's running on Solaris and
+# the test encodes some sort of Solarisism).
+# 2) The functionality being tested is buggy (often but not always the result
+# of a FreeBSD-specific bug).
+# 3) The test relies on DTrace functionality that's not yet available in FreeBSD
+# (e.g. tests for a specific SDT provider that we don't have).
+# An end goal is to remove this file, concentrating first on instances of
+# 1) and 2).
+# The SKIP variable contains tests that should not be executed at all. The
+# EXFAIL variable contains tests that are expected to fail when run. Please
+# avoid adding tests to SKIP unless it really is necessary; with EXFAIL, tests
+# that begin passing as the result of a change are visible in the test summary.
+ eval $1=\"\$$1\\n$2\"
+exclude EXFAIL common/aggs/tst.subr.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/dtraceUtil/tst.DataModel32.d.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/dtraceUtil/tst.ELFGenerationOut.d.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/dtraceUtil/tst.ELFGenerationWithO.d.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/funcs/tst.copyin.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/funcs/tst.copyinto.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/funcs/tst.ddi_pathname.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/io/tst.fds.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv4localudp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/mdb/tst.dtracedcmd.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/misc/tst.dofmax.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/misc/tst.include.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/pragma/tst.libchain.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.copyin2.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.msgdsize.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.msgsize.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.zonename.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/scalars/tst.misc.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/scalars/tst.selfarray2.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/sched/tst.enqueue.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/speculation/tst.SpecSizeVariations3.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/tracemem/err.D_TRACEMEM_ADDR.badaddr.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/translators/tst.TestTransStability2.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/types/tst.struct.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/types/tst.typedef.d
+# We don't have a cpc provider.
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.D_PDESC_ZERO.lowfrequency.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.D_PDESC_ZERO.malformedoverflow.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.D_PDESC_ZERO.nonexistentevent.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.cpcvscpustatpart1.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.cpcvscpustatpart2.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.cputrackfailtostart.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.cputrackterminates.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/err.toomanyenablings.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/tst.allcpus.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/tst.genericevent.d
+exclude SKIP common/cpc/tst.platformevent.ksh
+# We don't have a mib provider.
+exclude EXFAIL common/mib/tst.icmp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/mib/tst.tcp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/mib/tst.udp.ksh
+# At the moment dtrace(1) always needs to run as root.
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.fds.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.func_access.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.getf.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.op_access.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.procpriv.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.providers.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/privs/tst.unpriv_funcs.ksh
+# These tests hang for reasons unknown.
+exclude SKIP common/buffering/tst.ring3.d
+exclude SKIP common/funcs/tst.chill.ksh
+exclude SKIP common/funcs/tst.index.d
+# No Java support at the moment.
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Abort.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Bean.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Close.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Drop.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.Enable.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.FunctionLookup.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.GetAggregate.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.MaxConsumers.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.MultiAggPrinta.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.ProbeData.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.ProbeDescription.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.StateMachine.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/java_api/tst.StopLock.ksh
+# Expects specific formatting from banner(6).
+exclude EXFAIL common/aggs/tst.aggpackbanner.ksh
+# Test assumes we're running on a Solaris kernel.
+exclude EXFAIL common/misc/tst.roch.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/predicates/tst.argsnotcached.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/safety/tst.vahole.d
+# Tests that depend on the plockstat provider.
+exclude EXFAIL common/plockstat/tst.available.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/plockstat/tst.libmap.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.andpid.ksh
+# Depends on java.
+exclude SKIP common/drops/drp.DTRACEDROP_STKSTROVERFLOW.d
+# Interrupt priority isn't relevant on FreeBSD.
+exclude SKIP common/builtinvar/tst.ipl.d
+exclude SKIP common/builtinvar/tst.ipl1.d
+# These tests rely on being able to find a host via broadcast pings.
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv4remotetcp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv4remoteudp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv6remoteicmp.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.ipv4remoteicmp.ksh
+# FreeBSD never places tcpcbs in the TIME_WAIT state, so the probe never fires.
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.localtcpstate.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/ip/tst.remotetcpstate.ksh
+# Depends on the number of probes in /bin/sh and the current DOF limit.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/err.D_PROC_CREATEFAIL.many.d
+# Tries to enable pid$target:libc::entry, though there's no "libc" module.
+# Currently unsure as to whether this might be a libproc bug.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.probemod.ksh
+# Assumes date(1) has a pid$target::main:return probe.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.newprobes.ksh
+# libproc+librtld_db don't handle dlopen(2) yet.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.provregex2.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.provregex4.ksh
+# libproc doesn't properly handle probe sites that correspond to multiple
+# symbols.
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.weak1.d
+exclude EXFAIL common/pid/tst.weak2.d
+# This test checks for a leading tab on a line before #define. That is illegal
+# on Solaris, but the clang pre-processor on FreeBSD is happy with code like
+# that.
+exclude EXFAIL common/preprocessor/err.D_PRAGCTL_INVAL.tabdefine.d
+# This test uses proc:::signal-handle, which we don't appear to have.
+exclude EXFAIL common/proc/tst.signal.ksh
+# This test uses proc:::lwp-start, which we don't appear to have.
+exclude EXFAIL common/proc/tst.startexit.ksh
+# This test causes a panic at the moment because fbt instruments the lock class'
+# lc_owned method.
+exclude SKIP common/safety/tst.rw.d
+# Depends on some implementation details of the runtime linker.
+exclude EXFAIL common/vars/tst.ucaller.ksh
+# These rely on process attributes that FreeBSD doesn't carry.
+exclude EXFAIL common/scripting/tst.projid.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/scripting/tst.taskid.ksh
+# This test expects its test program to be installed without CTF data, but
+# the rest of the programs for this feature need CTF data. Not yet sure how
+# to build that.
+exclude EXFAIL common/uctf/tst.libtype.ksh
+# libproc doesn't have linkmap support yet.
+exclude EXFAIL common/uctf/tst.linkmap.ksh
+# Uses Sun-specific compiler options.
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.badguess.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.guess32.ksh
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.guess64.ksh
+# Generated headers include <sys/sdt.h>, so _DTRACE_VERSION is always defined.
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.nodtrace.ksh
+# The second dtrace -G invocation returns an error with "no probes found," which
+# makes sense to me. Not yet sure what the expected behaviour is here.
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.static2.ksh
+# Uses the Solaris-specific ppriv(1).
+exclude EXFAIL common/usdt/tst.user.ksh