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bsd.subdir.mk: Only recurse on called targets, rather than dependencies.
This is to fix 'make all' causing it to recurse on both 'all' and 'buildconfig' due to 'buildconfig' being in ALL_SUBDIR_TARGETS and being a dependency of 'all'. This now adds all of the '*includes', '*files' targets as subdir targets, allowing them to recurse. This also removes the need for some 'realinstall' hacks in bsd.subdir.mk since it no longer recurses; only 'install' will recurse and call the proper 'beforeinstall', 'realinstall', and 'afterinstall' in each sub-directory. This fixes 'make includes' and 'make files' to not be a rerolled ${MAKE} sub-shell but to rather just recurse on 'inclues' and 'files'. This avoids various issues such as the one fixed in r289462. As such revert Makefile.inc1 back to using 'includes' which avoids an extra tree walk and parallelizes the includes phases better. Makefile.inc1 includes a guard so that 'make all' will not use SUBDIR_PARALLEL, added in r289438. This is so users do not get a probably broken build if they run 'make all' from the top-level. Before the change in this commit, the workaround for 'make everything' was 'par-all' which would depend on 'all' and cause a proper parallel recursion. Now that will not work so a new _PARALLEL_SUBUDIR_OK is used to allow it. This is still part of an effort to combine bsd.(files|incs|confs).mk and move some of its logic out of bsd.subdir.mk, as attempted in r289282 and reverted in r289331. This commit fixes the problems found there which was mostly double recursing during 'includes' which would recurse on itself and 'buildincludes' and 'installincludes', all in parallel. The logic is still in bsd.subdir.mk for now. I've been cautious about this commit but have experienced no breakage on the tree except for the 'par-all' case which was already a hack. If something foo is depending on something bar that should recurse, it is very likely that the foo target is being recursed on already meaning that bar will still effectively recurse once sub-directories call foo. Discussed on: arch@ MFC after: never Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division
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