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This delta has a few important items:
PR 122839 is fixed in both em and in igb Second, the issue on building modules since the static kernel build changes is now resolved. I was not able to get the fancier directory hierarchy working, but this works, both em and igb build as modules now. Third, there is now support in em for two new NICs, Hartwell (or 82574) is a low cost PCIE dual port adapter that has MSIX, for this release it uses 3 vectors only, RX, TX, and LINK. In the next release I will add a second TX and RX queue. Also, there is support here for ICH10, the followon to ICH9. Both of these are early releases, general availability will follow soon. Fourth: On Hartwell and ICH10 we now have IEEE 1588 PTP support, I have implemented this in a provisional way so that early adopters may try and comment on the functionality. The IOCTL structure may change. This feature is off by default, you need to edit the Makefile and add the EM_TIMESYNC define to get the code. Enjoy all!!
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