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make path matching in devfs rules consistent and sane (and safer)
Before this change path matching had the following features: - for device nodes the patterns were matched against full path - in the above case '/' in a path could be matched by a wildcard - for directories and links only the last component was matched So, for example, a pattern like 're*' could match the following entries: - re0 device - responder/u0 device - zvol/recpool directory Although it was possible to work around this behavior (once it was spotted and understood), it was very confusing and contrary to documentation. Now we always match a full path for all types of devfs entries (devices, directories, links) and a '/' has to be matched explicitly. This behavior follows the shell globbing rules. This change is originally developed by Jaakko Heinonen. Many thanks! PR: kern/122838 Submitted by: jh MFC after: 4 weeks
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