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+28 March 2013. Summary of changes for version 20130328:
+1) ACPICA kernel-resident subsystem:
+Fixed several possible race conditions with the internal object reference
+counting mechanism. Some of the external ACPICA interfaces update object
+reference counts without holding the interpreter or namespace lock. This
+change adds a spinlock to protect reference count updates on the internal
+ACPICA objects. Reported by and with assistance from Andriy Gapon
+FADT support: Removed an extraneous warning for very large GPE register
+sets. This change removes a size mismatch warning if the legacy length
+field for a GPE register set is larger than the 64-bit GAS structure can
+accommodate. GPE register sets can be larger than the 255-bit width
+limitation of the GAS structure. Linn Crosetto (linn@hp.com).
+_OSI Support: handle any errors from AcpiOsAcquireMutex. Check for error
+return from this interface. Handles a possible timeout case if
+ACPI_WAIT_FOREVER is modified by the host to be a value less than
+"forever". Jung-uk Kim.
+Predefined name support: Add allowed/required argument type information to
+the master predefined info table. This change adds the infrastructure to
+enable typechecking on incoming arguments for all predefined
+methods/objects. It does not actually contain the code that will fully
+utilize this information, this is still under development. Also condenses
+some duplicate code for the predefined names into a new module,
+Example Code and Data Size: These are the sizes for the OS-independent
+acpica.lib produced by the Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 32-bit compiler. The
+debug version of the code includes the debug output trace mechanism and
+has a much larger code and data size.
+ Previous Release:
+ Non-Debug Version: 95.0K Code, 25.9K Data, 120.9K Total
+ Debug Version: 182.9K Code, 75.6K Data, 258.5K Total
+ Current Release:
+ Non-Debug Version: 95.2K Code, 26.4K Data, 121.6K Total
+ Debug Version: 183.0K Code, 76.0K Data, 259.0K Total
+2) iASL Compiler/Disassembler and Tools:
+iASL: Implemented a new option to simplify the development of ACPI-related
+BIOS code. Adds support for a new "offset table" output file. The -so
+option will create a C table containing the AML table offsets of various
+named objects in the namespace so that BIOS code can modify them easily at
+boot time. This can simplify BIOS runtime code by eliminating expensive
+searches for "magic values", enhancing boot times and adding greater
+reliability. With assistance from Lee Hamel.
+iASL: Allow additional predefined names to return zero-length packages.
+Now, all predefined names that are defined by the ACPI specification to
+return a "variable-length package of packages" are allowed to return a
+zero length top-level package. This allows the BIOS to tell the host that
+the requested feature is not supported, and supports existing BIOS/ASL
+code and practices.
+iASL: Changed the "result not used" warning to an error. This is the case
+where an ASL operator is effectively a NOOP because the result of the
+operation is not stored anywhere. For example:
+ Add (4, Local0)
+There is no target (missing 3rd argument), nor is the function return
+value used. This is potentially a very serious problem -- since the code
+was probably intended to do something, but for whatever reason, the value
+was not stored. Therefore, this issue has been upgraded from a warning to
+an error.
+AcpiHelp: Added allowable/required argument types to the predefined names
+info display. This feature utilizes the recent update to the predefined
+names table (above).
14 February 2013. Summary of changes for version 20130214:
1) ACPICA Kernel-resident Subsystem: