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gicv3_its: Don't restrict target CPUs based on SRAT
ACPI Sec (SRAT, GIC Interrupt Translation Service (ITS) Affinity Structure) says: > The GIC ITS Affinity Structure provides the association between > a GIC ITS and a proximity domain. This enables the OSPM to > discover the memory that is closest to the ITS, and use that in > allocating its management tables and command queue. Previously the ITS driver was using the proximity domain to restrict which CPUs can be targeted by an LPI. We keep that logic just for the original dual socket ThunderX which cannot forward LPIs between sockets. We also use the SRAT entry for its intended purpose of attempting to allocate ITS table structures near the ITS. Reviewed by: andrew Sponsored by: Ampere Computing LLC Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D28340
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