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+ Internet Software Consortium
+ Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Distribution
+ Version 2, Beta 1, Patchlevel 6
+ June 26, 1998
+ Release Notes
+This is the first Beta release of Version 2 of the Internet Software
+Consortium DHCP Distribution. This beta is believed to be fairly
+Version 1 of the ISC DHCP Distribution includes just a DHCP Server.
+Version 1 has been in feature freeze since late 1996, and is quite
+stable. This is the release that we would expect most sites to run in
+Version 2 of the ISC DHCP Distribution adds a DHCP Client and a
+DHCP/BOOTP Relay Agent to the DHCP Server that was offered in version
+1.0. In addition, some new capabilities have been added to the
+ - IP addresses are now tested before they are assigned to
+ clients. This allows the DHCP server to detect rogue
+ machines that may have hijacked IP addresses before an IP
+ address conflict can occur.
+ - The server may be configured so that some DHCP clients can
+ be excluded from booting.
+ - Improved NAKing behaviour, so that clients that are using
+ addresses other than the one the server knows they should be
+ using are disciplined quickly.
+This version is now in Beta testing, and is planned for release in
+mid-1998. It has a number of new features, and is the release that we
+would expect sites that want some stability but need the new lease
+testing feature, or need a client or relay agent. Note that it is
+possible to run the Version 1 server with the Version 2 client.
+Version 3 of the ISC DHCP Distribution will add Dynamic DNS Support,
+asynchronous DNS query resolution, DHCP Authentication, and possibly
+support for a DHCP Interserver Protocol and live querying of the DHCP
+database. This release is not expected to be stable in the near
+future, and is intended for sites that are in a position to
+experiment, or for sites that desperately need the new features.
+- Define some extra DLPI support flags that make DLPI work much better
+ on Solaris.
+- Fix inet_aton prototype/declaration to match Internet Software
+ Consortium BIND distribution.
+- Document new server-identifier functionality.
+- Do not use -Wstrict-prototypes on Solaris with gcc - if the Internet
+ Software Consortium BIND distribution is not installed, this produces
+ errors.
+- Actually use the new DLPI support on Solaris - although the code was
+ added in Patchlevel 2, it wasn't enabled (blush).
+- Fix a prototype bug that's exposed when DLPI support is enabled on
+ Solaris.
+- Fix a makefile botch that prevents the DHCP Distribution from
+ from compiling on Solaris with gcc. Sigh.
+- Allow server-identifier in any scope. Use in-scope server
+ identifier option rather than the default, if one exists.
+- Delete newlines from abandoned lease reclaimation warning.
+- Only release other applicable leases held by a client when the
+ client sends a DHCPREQUEST.
+- Fix core dump when find_lease didn't find a lease.
+- Update dhcpd.leases man page.
+- Use -Wno-char-subscript on Solaris to prevent bogus warnings from
+ gcc on Solaris 2.6.
+- Add support for Apple's new Rhapsody operating system.
+- Use DLPI on Solaris instead of using the BSD Sockets API.
+- Fix two network input buffer overflow problems which could allow an
+ attacker to pervert the stack.
+- Fix an ancient typo that could theoretically cause memory
+ corruption.
+- Sort abandoned leases in at current time rather than end of time.
+ This allows abandoned leases to be reclaimed if there are no
+ available free leases.
+- If a client explicitly requests a lease that's been abandoned, it's
+ probably the system that was answering pings on that address, so let it
+ have the lease.
+- Fix a bunch of type conversion errors that are flagged by the Solaris
+ C compiler.
+- Fix two potential buffer overflow problems.
+- Differentiate between versions of Linux for better success in
+ compiling.
+- Fix bug in linux client script regarding routing setup.
+- Clarify socket API error message on multiple interfaces.
+- Fix broken comparison that was setting IP source address to zero.
+- Reclaim abandoned leases if we run out of free leases.
+- Use %ld to print pid_t and cast pid_t values to long to avoid
+ inconsistent declarations between different POSIX flavours.
+- Add support for ARPHRD_IEEE802 (token ring) hardware type.
+- If we own an address and a client requests it, but we can't assign
+ it to that client, we now NAK it so that the client doesn't try to
+ reuse it.
+- Support for NeXTstep 3.x and 4.x
+- Added man pages for dhcpd.leases, dhclient-script, dhclient.leases
+ and dhclient.conf. Move general documentation of DHCP options into
+ a seperate man page which is referred to by the dhclient.conf and
+ dhcpd.conf man pages.
+- Updated README to answer some frequently asked questions.
+- Fixed a bug in command-line interface specification in dhclient - it
+ was formerly not possible to specify that only certain interfaces be
+ configured.
+- Do not leave client scripts lying around in /tmp after they've been
+ used unless the -D flag is specified.
+- Add a new, non-standard, not-guaranteed-to-stay-the-same system
+ configuration status message server which can be used to trigger the
+ client to recheck its address, e.g., after a laptop has been put to
+ sleep and then awakened (this has yet to be documented).
+- Fix handling of media selection in the REBOOT phase - previously the
+ media type would not be remembered, which could cause severe delays
+ in reacquiring an address if the default media type was wrong.
+- Allocate space for a NUL terminator on the end of client options -
+ this was previously overlooked, and could cause garbage characters
+ to be written to the temporary client script files.
+- Use mkstemp if it's available.
+- Supply network number and broadcast address to the client script so
+ that on systems that need these values, they don't need to be
+ computed with an awk script.
+- Keep a PID file for the client and the relay agent, and have the
+ relay agent background itself by default.
+- Add client script for bsd/os, fix many niggling bugs in existing
+ client scripts and add support for static routing tables to all bsd
+ scripts.
+- Add a -q option to the client, server and relay agent so that they
+ can be started from /etc/rc scripts without spewing a bunch of
+ garbage on the console. By default, all three daemons still print
+ startup messages, since these are helpful in bug reporting.
+- Don't print anything to stderr or stdout after going into
+ background.
+- Fix bug where hostname keyword was not being recognized in
+ dhcpd.leases file, resulting in the loss of lease database entries.
+- Fix problem on some operating systems where zero-length ifreq
+ structures were being offset incorrectly when scanning the interface
+ list on startup.
+- Unless a BOOTP client requests it, never send more than 64 bytes of
+ options.
+- Don't ping static leases, since we don't have a lease structure on
+ the heap to work with later.
+- Fixed a compile problem on Solaris 2.6.
+- Support interface aliases on Solaris.
+- Print day and month with leading zero in lease files if less than
+ ten, for easier parsing by perl/sed/awk scripts.
+- Never make the lease database world writable, even if dhcpd is
+ invoked with a bogus umask.
+- Fix DHCPRELEASE handling (before, addressed would never be
+ released.)
+- If there is more than one lease for a particular client on a
+ particular network, find the lease the client is asking for so as to
+ avoid a cycle of NAKs.
+- If a BOOTP request is received from a particular client and that
+ client has previously received a DHCP address, make sure that we
+ still find a valid BOOTP lease so that we don't cycle through
+ addresses.
+- Remove server-identifier option from documentation, other than to
+ document that it has been deprecated.
+- Don't give up if we get an EINTR or EAGAIN while polling or
+ selecting - these return statuses can occur spuriously without
+ indicating a fatal problem.
+- Do not select for exceptions, since we don't handle them. This was
+ causing massive CPU consumption on some systems.
+- When a DHCP client has been assigned a fixed address but had
+ previously had a lease, it will request the old leased address. In
+ such an event, send a DHCPNAK so that it will discover its new
+ static binding.