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Import Patchlevel 5 of the ISC 2.0 dhcp client plus bug fixes from the
beta ISC DHCP version 3 offering. In message http://www.isc.org/ml-archives/dhcp-client/2000/10/msg00001.html author Ted Lemon stated "This will not be fixed in any 2.0 release - 2.0 is no longer being maintained." to a reported problem about an interoperability problem against Microsoft servers. FreeBSD went with the ISC client vs. the WIDE client because others convinced me it was better supported. Sigh. I wonder if version 3 will get the same treatment after its release... Since FreeBSD generally uses only released contrib products and the ISC version 3 offering is still in beta, our backs are up against the wall. The common/options.c rev 1.65 work around for erroneous Microsoft DHCP servers has been back ported to the version 2.0pl5 client. Since this comes from a change in the vendor's own code (and would no doubt also be committed to the version 2 client if the author were still supporting it), we will consider this a vendor release and import this as such. PR: 21658 Submitted by: Motomichi Matsuzaki <mzaki@e-mail.ne.jp>
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