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Import the most recent ncurses 5.1 prerelease (20000701).
Mostly this is intended to resolve the trace() badness once and for all. Obtained from: ftp://dickey.his.com/ncurses/
Notes: svn path=/vendor/ncurses/dist/; revision=62449
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--- $Id: NEWS,v 1.504 1999/10/24 00:31:05 tom Exp $
+-- $Id: NEWS,v 1.568 2000/07/02 01:16:51 tom Exp $
This is a log of changes that ncurses has gone through since Zeyd started
working with Pavel Curtis' original work, pcurses, in 1992.
@@ -6,6 +6,510 @@ working with Pavel Curtis' original work, pcurses, in 1992.
Changes through 1.9.9e are recorded by Zeyd M. Ben-Halim.
Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
+20000701 pre-release
+ + change minor version to 1, i.e., ncurses 5.1
+ + add experimental configure option --enable-colorfgbg to check for
+ $COLORTERM variable as set by rxvt/aterm/Eterm.
+ + add Eterm terminfo entry (Michael Jennings <mej@valinux.com>).
+ + modify manlinks.sed to pick aliases from the SYNOPSIS section, and
+ several manpages so manlinks.sed can find aliases for creating
+ symbolic links.
+ + add explanation to run_tic.sh regarding extended terminal
+ capabilities.
+ + change message format for edit_cfg.sh, since some people interpret
+ it as a warning.
+ + correct unescaped '$' in sysv5uw7*|unix_sv* rule for CF_SHARED_OPTS
+ configure macro (report by Thanh Ma <Thanh.Ma@casi-rusco.com>).
+ + correct logic in lib_twait.c as used by lib_mouse.c for GPM mouse
+ support when poll() is used rather than select() (prompted by
+ discussion with David Allen <DAllen24@aol.com>).
+20000624 pre-release
+ + modify TransformLine() to check for cells with different color pairs
+ that happen to render the same display colors.
+ + apply $NCURSES_NO_PADDING to cost-computation in mvcur().
+ + improve cost computation in PutRange() by accounting for the use
+ of parm_right_cursor in mvcur().
+ + correct cost computation in EmitRange(), which was not using the
+ normalized value for cursor_address.
+ + newer config.guess, config.sub (reference version used in TIN 1.5.6).
+ + update config.guess, config.sub (reference version used in PCRE 3.2).
+ + resync changes to gnathtml against version 1.22, regenerated html
+ files under doc/html/ada using this (
+ + regenerated html files under doc/html/man after correcting top and
+ bottom margin options for man2html in dist.mk
+ + minor fixes to test programs ncurses 'i' and testcurs program to make
+ the subwindow's background color cover the subwindow.
+ + modify configure script so AC_MSG_ERROR is temporarily defined to a
+ warning in AC_PROG_CXX to make it recover from a missing C++ compiler
+ without requiring user to add --without-cxx option (from comment by
+ Akim Demaille <akim@epita.fr> to autoconf mailing list).
+ + modify headers.sh to avoid creating temporary files in the build
+ directory when installing headers (reported by Sergei Pokrovsky
+ <pok@nbsp.nsk.su>)
+ + regenerated the html files under doc/html/ada/files and
+ doc/html/ada/funcs with a slightly-improved gnathtml.
+ + add kmous capability to linux terminfo entry to allow it to use
+ xterm-style events provided by gpm patch by Joerg Schoen.
+ + make the configure macro CF_SHARED_OPTS a little smarter by testing
+ if -fPIC is supported by gcc rather than -fpic. The former option
+ allows larger symbol tables.
+ + update config.guess and config.sub (patches by
+ Kevin Buettner <kev@primenet.com> for elf64_ia64
+ Bernd Kuemmerlen <bkuemmer@mevis.de> and MacOS X).
+ + add warning for 'tic -cv' about use of '^?' in terminfo source, which
+ is an extension.
+ + modify echo() behavior of getch() to match Solaris curses for
+ carriage return and backspace (reported by Neil Zanella).
+ + change _nc_flush() to a function.
+ + modify delscreen() to check if the output stream has been closed, and
+ if so, free the buffer allocated for setbuf (this provides an
+ ncurses-specific way to avoid a memory leak when repeatedly calling
+ newterm reported by Chipp C <at_1@zdnetonebox.com>).
+ + correct typo in curs_getch.3x manpage regarding noecho (reported by
+ David Malone <dwmalone@maths.tcd.ie>).
+ + add a "make libs" rule.
+ + make the Ada95 interface build with configure --enable-widec.
+ + if the configure --enable-widec option is given, append 'w' to names
+ of the generated libraries (e.g., libncursesw.so) to avoid conflict
+ with existing ncurses libraries.
+ + modify view.c to make a rudimentary viewer of UTF-8 text if ncurses
+ is configured with the experimental wide-character support.
+ + add a simple UTF-8 output driver to the experimental wide-character
+ support. If any of the environment variables LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE or
+ LANG contain the string "UTF-8", this driver will be used to
+ translate the output to UTF-8. This works with XFree86 xterm.
+ + modify configure script to allow building shared libraries on BeOS
+ (from a patch by by Valeriy E Ushakov).
+ + modify lib_addch.c to allow repeated update to the lower-right
+ corner, rather than displaying only the first character written until
+ the cursor is moved. Recent versions of SVr4 curses can update the
+ lower-right corner, and behave this way (reported by Neil Zanella).
+ + add a limit-check in _nc_do_color(), to avoid using invalid color
+ pair value (from bug report by Brendan O'Dea <bod@compusol.com.au>).
+ + the tack program knows how to use smcup and rmcup but the "show caps
+ that can be tested" feature did not reflect this knowledge. Correct
+ the display in the menu tack/test/edit/c (patch by Daniel Weaver).
+ + xterm-16color does allow bold+colors, removed ncv#32 from that
+ terminfo entry.
+ + correct assignment to SP->_has_sgr_39_49 in lib_dft_fgbg.c, which
+ broke check for screen's AX capability (reported by Valeriy E Ushakov
+ <uwe@ptc.spbu.ru>).
+ + change man2html rule in dist.mk to workaround bug in some man-programs
+ that ignores locale when rendering hyphenation.
+ + change web- and ftp-site to dickey.his.com
+ + move _nc_curr_token from parse_entry.c to comp_scan.c, to work around
+ problem linking tack on MacOS X DP3.
+ + include <sys/time.h> in lib_napms.c to compile on MacOS X DP3
+ (reported by Gerben Wierda <wierda@holmes.nl>).
+ + modify lib_vidattr.c to check for ncv fixes when pair-0 is not
+ default colors.
+ + add -d option to ncurses.c, to turn on default-colors for testing.
+ + add a check to _nc_makenew() to ensure that newwin() and newpad()
+ calls do not silently fail by passing too-large limits.
+ + add symbol NCURSES_SIZE_T to use rather than explicit 'short' for
+ internal window and pad sizes. Note that since this is visible in
+ the WINDOW struct, it would be an ABI change to make this an 'int'
+ (prompted by a question by Bastian Trompetter
+ <btrompetter@firemail.de>, who attempted to create a 96000-line pad).
+ + add mgterm terminfo entry from NetBSD, minor adjustments to sun-ss5,
+ aixterm entries -TD
+ + modify tack/ansi.c to make it more tolerant of bad ANSI replies. An
+ example of an illegal ANSI resonse can be found using Microsoft's
+ Telnet client. A correct display can be found using a VT-4xx
+ terminal or XFree86 xterm with:
+ XTerm*VT100*decTerminalID: 450
+ (patch by Daniel Weaver).
+ + modify gdc.c to recognize 'q' for quit, 's' for single-step and ' '
+ for resume. Add '-n' option to force gdc's standard input to
+ /dev/null, to both illustrate the use of newterm() for specifying
+ alternate inputs as well as for testing signal handling.
+ + minor fix for configure option --with-manpage-symlinks, for target
+ directories that contain a period ('.') (reported by Larry Virden).
+ + minor additions to beterm entry (feedback from Rico Tudor) -TD
+ + corrections/updates for some IBM terminfo entries -TD
+ + modify _nc_screen_wrap() so that when exiting curses mode with
+ non-default colors, the last line on the screen will be cleared to
+ the screen's default colors (request by Alexander Lukyanov).
+ + modify ncurses.c 'r' example to set nonl(), allowing control/M to be
+ read for demonstrating the REQ_NEW_LINE operation (prompted by a
+ question by Tony L Keith" <tlkeith@keithconsulting.com>).
+ + modify ncurses.c 'r' example of field_info() to work on Solaris 2.7,
+ documented extension of ncurses which allows a zero pointer.
+ + modify fmt_complex() to avoid buffer overflow in case of excess
+ recursion, and to recognize "%e%?" as a synonym for else-if, which
+ means that it will not recur for that special case.
+ + add logic to support $TERMCAP variable in case the USE_GETCAP symbol
+ is defined (patch by Todd C Miller).
+ + modify one of the m4 files used to generate the Ada95 sources,
+ to avoid using the token "symbols" (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + add terminfo entries bsdos-pc-m, bsdos-pc-mono (Jeffrey C Honig)
+ + correct spelling error in terminfo entry name: bq300-rv was given as
+ bg300-rv in esr's version.
+ + modify redrawwin() macro so its parameter is fully parenthesized
+ (fixes Debian bug report #61088).
+ + correct formatting error in dump_entry() which set incorrect column
+ value when no newline trimming was needed at the end of an entry,
+ before appending "use=" clauses (cf: 960406).
+ + add configure option --with-manpage-symlinks
+ + change unctrl() to render C1 characters (128-159) as ~@, ~A, etc.
+ + change makefiles so trace() function is provided only if TRACE is
+ defined, e.g., in the debug library. Modify related calls to
+ _tracechar() to use unctrl() instead.
+ + add screen's AX capability (for ECMA SGR 39 and 49) to applicable
+ terminfo entries, use presence of this as a check for a small
+ improvement in setting default colors.
+ + improve logic in _nc_do_color() implementing assume_default_colors()
+ by passing in previous color pair info to eliminate redundant call to
+ set_original_colors(). (Part of this is from a patch by Alexander
+ Lukyanov).
+ + modify warning in _nc_trans_string() about a possibly too-long string
+ to do this once only rather than for each character past the
+ threshold (600). Change interface of _nc_trans_string() to allow
+ check for buffer overflow.
+ + correct use of memset in _nc_read_entry_source() to initialize ENTRY
+ struct each time before reading new data into it, rather than once
+ per loop (cf: 990301). This affects multi-entry in-core operations
+ such as "infocmp -Fa".
+ + remove a spurious pointer increment in _nc_infotocap() changes from
+ 20000311. Add check for '.' in format of number, since that also
+ is not permitted in termcap.
+ + correct typo in rxvt-basic terminfo from temporary change made while
+ integrating 20000318.
+ + revert part of the vt220 change (request by Todd C Miller).
+ + add ansi-* terminfo entries from Eric's version.
+ + add -a option to tic and infocmp, which retains commented-out
+ capabilities during source translation/comparison, e.g., captoinfo
+ and infotocap.
+ + modify cardfile.c to display an empty card if no input data file is
+ found, fixes a core dump in that case (reported by Bruno Haible).
+ + correct bracketing in CF_MATH_LIB configure macro, which gave wrong
+ result for OS/2 EMX.
+ + supply required parameter for _nc_resolve_uses() call in
+ read_termcap.c, overlooked in 20000311 (reported by Todd C Miller).
+ > patches by Bruno Haible <haible@ilog.fr>:
+ + fix a compiler warning in fty_enum.c
+ + correct LIB_PREFIX expression for DEPS_CURSES in progs, tack
+ makefiles, which resulted in redundant linking (cf: 20000122).
+ + make ifdef's for BROKEN_LINKER consistent (patch by Todd C Miller).
+ + improved tack/README (patch by Daniel Weaver).
+ + modify tput.c to ensure that unspecified parameters are passed to
+ tparm() as 0's.
+ + add a few checks in infocmp to guard against buffer overflow when
+ displaying string capabilities.
+ + add check for zero-uses in infocmp's file_comparison() function
+ before calling _nc_align_termtype(). Otherwise one parameter is
+ indexed past the end of the uses-array.
+ + add an option -q to infocmp to specify the less verbose output,
+ keeping the existing format as the default, though not retaining the
+ previous behavior that made the -F option compare each entry to
+ itself.
+ + adapted patch by Eric Raymond to make infocmp -F less verbose
+ (the submitted patch was unusable because it did not compile
+ properly):
+ + modify write_entry.c to ensure that absent or cancelled booleans
+ are written as FALSE, for consistency with infocmp which now
+ assumes this. Note that for the small-core configuration, tic
+ may not produce the same result as before.
+ + change some private library interfaces used by infocmp, e.g.,
+ _nc_resolve_uses().
+ + add a check in _nc_infotocap() to ensure that cm-style capabilities
+ accept only %d codes when converting the format from terminfo to
+ termcap.
+ + modify ENTRY struct to separate the data in 'parent' into the name
+ and link values (the original idea to merge both into 'parent' was
+ not good).
+ + discard repair_acsc(tterm);
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + drop support for gnat 3.10
+ + move generated documentation and html files under ./doc directory,
+ adding makefile rules for this to dist.mk
+ + correct conflicting use of tparm() in 20000226 change to tic, which
+ made it check only one entry at a time.
+ + fix errors in ncurses-intro.html and hackguide.html shown by Dave
+ Raggett's tidy.
+ + make the example in ncurses-intro.html do something plausible, and
+ corrected misleading comment (reported by Neil Zanella).
+ + modify pnoutrefresh() to set newscr->_leaveok as wnoutrefresh() does,
+ to fix a case where the cursor position was not updated as in
+ Solaris (patch by David Mosberger <davidm@hpl.hp.com>).
+ + add a limit-check for wresize() to ensure that a subwindow does not
+ address out of bounds.
+ + correct offsets used for subwindows in wresize() (patch by Michael
+ Andres <ma@suse.de>).
+ + regenerate html'ized manual pages with man2html 3.0.1 (patch by
+ Juergen Pfeifer). This generated a file with a space in its name,
+ which I removed.
+ + fix a few spelling errors in tack.
+ + modify tack/Makefile.in to match linker options of progs/Makefile.in;
+ otherwise it does not build properly for older HPUX shared library
+ configurations.
+ + add several terminfo entries from esr's "11.0".
+ + make 'tput flash' work properly for xterm by flushing output in
+ delay_output() when using napms(), and modifying xterm's terminfo to
+ specify no padding character. Otherwise, xterm's reported baud rate
+ can mislead ncurses into producing too few padding characters
+ (Debian #58530).
+ + add a check to tic for consistency between sgr and the separate
+ capabilities such as smso, use this to check/correct several
+ terminfo entries (Debian #58530).
+ + add a check to tic if cvvis is the same as cnorm, adjusted several
+ terminfo entries to remove the conflict (Debian #58530).
+ + correct prototype shown in attr_set()/wattr_set() manpages (fixes
+ Debian #53962).
+ + minor clarification for curs_set() and leaveok() manpages.
+ + use mkstemp() for creating temporary file for tic's processing of
+ $TERMCAP contents (fixes Debian #56465).
+ + correct two errors from integrating Alexander's changes: did not
+ handle the non-bce case properly in can_erase_with() (noted by
+ Alexander), and left fg/bg uninitialized in the pair-zero case of
+ _nc_do_color() (reported by Dr Werner Fink <werner@suse.de> and
+ Ismael Cordeiro <ismael@cordeiro.com>).
+ + store default-color code consistently as C_MASK, even if given as
+ -1 for convenience (adapted from patches by Alexander Lukyanov).
+ > patches by Alexander Lukyanov:
+ + change can_clear_with() macro to accommodate logic for
+ assume_default_colors(), making most of the FILL_BCE logic
+ unnecessary. Made can_clear_with() an inline function to make it
+ simpler to read.
+ + corrected form of recent copyright dates.
+ + minor corrections to xterm-xf86-v333 terminfo entry -TD
+ > patches by Alexander Lukyanov:
+ + reworded dft_fgbg.3x to avoid assuming that the terminal's default
+ colors are white on black.
+ + fix initialization of tstLine so that it is filled with current blank
+ character in any case. Previously it was possible to have it filled
+ with old blank. The wrong over-optimization was introduced in 991002
+ patch. (it is not very critical as the only bad effect is not using
+ clr_eos for clearing if blank has changed).
+ + minor corrections/updates to several terminfo entries: rxvt-basic,
+ vt520, vt525, ibm5151, xterm-xf86-v40 -TD
+ + modify ifdef's for poll() to allow it to use <sys/poll.h>, thereby
+ allowing poll() to be used on Linux.
+ + add CF_FUNC_POLL macro to check if poll() is able to select from
+ standard input. If not we will not use it, preferring select()
+ (adapted from patch by Michael Pakovic <mpakovic@fdn.com>).
+ + update CF_SHARED_OPTS macro for SCO Unixware 7.1 to allow building
+ shared libraries (reported/tested by Thanh <thanhma@mediaone.net>).
+ + override $LANGUAGE in build to avoid incorrect ordering of keynames.
+ + correct CF_MATH_LIB parameter, must be sin(x), not sqrt(x).
+ + resync CF_CHECK_ERRNO and CF_LIB_PREFIX macros from tin and xterm.
+ + modify CF_MATH_LIB configure macro to parameterize the test function
+ used, for reuse in dialog and similar packages.
+ + correct tests for file-descriptors in OS/2 EMX mouse support. A
+ negative value could be used by FD_SET, causing the select() call
+ to wait indefinitely.
+ + additional fixes for non-bce terminals (handling of delete_character)
+ to work when assume_default_colors() is not specified.
+ + modify warning message from _nc_parse_entry() regarding extended
+ capability names to print only if tic/infocmp/toe have the -v flag
+ set, and not at all in ordinary user applications. Otherwise, this
+ warning would be shown for screen's extended capabilities in programs
+ that use the termcap interface (reported by Todd C Miller).
+ + modify use of _nc_tracing from programs such as tic so their debug
+ level is not in the same range as values set by trace() function.
+ + small panel header cleanup (patch by Juergen Pfeifer).
+ + add 'railroad' demo for termcap interface.
+ + modify 'tic' to write its usage message to stderr (patch by Todd C
+ Miller).
+ + add prototype for erase() to curses.h.in, needed to make test
+ programs build with c++/g++.
+ + add .c.i and .c.h suffix rules to generated makefiles, for debugging.
+ + correct install rule for tack.1; it assumed that file was in the
+ current directory (reported by Mike Castle <dalgoda@ix.netcom.com>).
+ + modify terminfo/termcap translation to suppress acsc before trying
+ sgr if the entry would be too large (patch by Todd C Miller).
+ + document a special case of incompatiblity between ncurses 4.2 and
+ 5.0, add a section for this in INSTALL.
+ + add TRACE_DATABASE flag for trace().
+ + update mach, add mach-color terminfo entries based on Debian diffs
+ for ncurses 5.0 -TD
+ + add entries for xterm-hp, xterm-vt220, xterm-vt52 and xterm-noapp
+ terminfo entries -TD
+ + change OTrs capabilities to rs2 in terminfo.src -TD
+ + add obsolete and extended capabilities to 'screen' terminfo -TD
+ + corrected conversion from terminfo rs2 to termcap rs (cf: 980704)
+ + make conversion to termcap ug (underline glitch) more consistently
+ applied.
+ + fix out-of-scope use of 'personal[]' buffer in 'toe' (this error
+ was in the original pre-1.9.7 version, when $HOME/.terminfo was
+ introduced).
+ + modify 'toe' to ignore terminfo directories to which it has no
+ permissions.
+ + modify read_termtype(), fixing 'toe', which could dump core when it
+ found an incomplete entry such as "dumb" because it did not
+ initialize its buffer for _nc_read_file_entry().
+ + use -fPIC rather than -fpic for shared libraries on Linux, not
+ needed for i386 but some ports (from Debian diffs for 5.0).
+ + use explicit VALID_NUMERIC() checks in a few places that had been
+ overlooked, and add a check to ensure that init_tabs is nonzero,
+ to avoid divide-by-zero (reported by Todd C Miller).
+ + minor fix for CF_ANSI_CC_CHECK configure macro, for HPUX 10.x (from
+ tin).
+ + reorder tests during mouse initialization to allow for gpm to run in
+ xterm, or for xterm to be used under OS/2 EMX. Also drop test for
+ $DISPLAY in favor of kmous=\E[M or $TERM containing "xterm" (report
+ by Christian Weisgerber <naddy@mips.rhein-neckar.de>).
+ + modify raw() and noraw() to clear/restore IEXTEN flag which affects
+ stty lnext on systems such as FreeBSD (report by Bruce Evans
+ <bde@zeta.org.au>, via Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com>).
+ + fix a potential (but unlikely) buffer overflow in failed() function
+ of tset.c (reported by Todd C Miller).
+ + add manual-page for ncurses extensions, documented curses_version(),
+ use_extended_names().
+ + treat as untranslatable to termcap those terminfo strings which
+ contain non-decimal formatting, e.g., hexadecimal or octal.
+ + correct commented-out capabilities that cannot be translated to
+ termcap, which did not check if a colon must be escaped.
+ + correct termcap translation for "%>" and "%+", which did not check
+ if a colon must be escaped, for instance.
+ + use save_string/save_char for _nc_captoinfo() to eliminate fixed
+ buffer (originally for _nc_infotocap() in 960301 -TD).
+ + correct expression used for terminfo equivalent of termcap %B,
+ adjust regent100 entry which uses this.
+ + some cleanup and commenting of ad hoc cases in _nc_infotocap().
+ + eliminate a fixed-buffer in tic, used for translating comments.
+ + add manpage for infotocap
+ + add kvt and gnome terminfo entries -TD
+ + correct translation of "%%" by infotocap, which was emitted as "%".
+ + add "obsolete" termcap strings to terminfo.src
+ + modify infocmp to default to showing obsolete capabilities rather
+ than terminfo only.
+ + modify write_entry.c so that if extended names (i.e., configure
+ --enable-tcap-names) are active, then tic will also write "obsolete"
+ capabilities that are present in the terminfo source.
+ + modify tic so that when running as captoinfo or infotocap, it
+ initializes the output format as in -C and -I options, respectively.
+ + improve infocmp and tic -f option by splitting long strings that do
+ not have if-then-else construct, but do have parameters, e.g., the
+ initc for xterm-88color.
+ + refine MKtermsort.sh slightly by using bool for the *_from_termcap
+ arrays.
+ + additional fixes for non-bce terminals (handling of clear_screen,
+ clr_eol, clr_eos, scrolling) to work when assume_default_colors() is
+ not specified.
+ + several small changes to xterm terminfo entries -TD.
+ + move logic for _nc_windows in lib_freeall.c inside check for nonnull
+ SP, since it is part of that struct.
+ + remove obsolete shlib-versions, which was unintentionally re-added
+ in 970927.
+ + modify infocmp -e, -E options to ensure that generated fallback.c
+ type for Booleans agrees with term.h (reported by Eric Norum
+ <eric@cls.usask.ca>).
+ + correct configure script's use of $LIB_PREFIX, which did not work
+ for installing the c++ directory if $libdir did not end with "/lib"
+ (reported by Huy Le <huyle@ugcs.caltech.edu>).
+ + modify infocmp so -L and -f options work together.
+ + modify the initialization of SP->_color_table[] in start_color() so
+ that color_content() will return usable values for COLORS greater
+ than 8.
+ + modify ncurses 'd' test in case COLORS is greater than 16, e.g., for
+ xterm-88color, to limit the displayed/computed colors to 16.
+ > patch by Juergen Pfeifer:
+ + simplify coding of the panel library according to suggestions by
+ Philippe Blain.
+ + improve macro coding for a few macros in curses.priv.h
+ + modify treatment of color pair 0 so that if ncurses is configured
+ to support default colors, and they are not active, then ncurses
+ will set that explicitly, not relying on orig_colors or orig_pair.
+ + add new extension, assume_default_colors() to provide better control
+ over the use of default colors.
+ + modify test programs to use more-specific ifdef's for existence of
+ wresize(), resizeterm() and use_default_colors().
+ + modify configure script to add specific ifdef's for some functions
+ that are included when --enable-ext-funcs is in effect, so their
+ existence can be ifdef'd in the test programs.
+ + reorder some configure options, moving those extensions that have
+ evolved from experimental status into a new section.
+ + change configure --enable-tcap-names to enable this by default.
+ + install tack's manpage (reported by Robert Weiner
+ <robert@progplus.com>)
+ + correct worm.c's handling of KEY_RESIZE (patch by Frank Heckenbach).
+ + modify curses.h.in, undef'ing some symbols to avoid conflict with C++
+ STL (reported by Matt Gerassimoff <mgeras@ticon.net>)
+ + modify linux terminfo entry to indicate that dim does not mix with
+ color (reported by Klaus Weide <kweide@enteract.com>).
+ + correct several typos in terminfo entries related to missing '['
+ in CSI's -TD
+ + fix several compiler warnings in c++ binding (reported by Tim
+ Mooney for alphaev56-dec-osf4.0f
+ + rename parameter of _nc_free_entries() to accommodate lint.
+ + correct lint rule for tack, used incorrect list of source files.
+ + add case to config.guess, config.sub for Rhapsody.
+ + improve configure tests for libg++ and libstdc++ by omitting the
+ math library (which is missing on Rhapsody), and improved test for
+ the math library itself (adapted from path by Nelson H. F. Beebe).
+ + explicitly initialize to zero several data items which were
+ implicitly initialized, e.g., cur_term. If not explicitly
+ initialized, their storage type is C (common), and causes problems
+ linking on Rhapsody 5.5 using gcc (reported by Nelson H. F.
+ Beebe).
+ + modify Ada95 binding to not include the linker option for Ada
+ bindings in the Ada headers, but in the Makefiles instead (patch by
+ Juergen Pfeifer).
19991023 5.0 release for upload to ftp.gnu.org
+ effective with release of 5.0, change NCURSES_VERSION_PATCH to
4-digit year.
@@ -349,7 +853,7 @@ Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
+ split up an expression in configure script check for ldconfig to
workaround limitation of BSD/OS sh (reported by Jeff Haas
- + correct a typo in man/form_hook.3x (Todd Miller).
+ + correct a typo in man/form_hook.3x (Todd C Miller).
990318 pre-release
+ parenthesize and undef 'index' symbol in c++ binding and demo, to
@@ -515,7 +1019,7 @@ Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
bsdos-bold to bsdos-pc (patch by Jeffrey C Honig).
+ modify tput to accept termcap names as an alternative to terminfo
names (patch by Jeffrey C Honig).
- + correct a typo in term.7 (Todd Miller).
+ + correct a typo in term.7 (Todd C Miller).
+ add configure --with-shlib-version option to allow installing shared
libraries named according to release or ABI versions. This
parameterizes some existing logic in the configure script, and is
@@ -737,7 +1241,7 @@ Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
rid of a hardcoded list of candidate directories in the configure
+ add some error-checking to _nc_read_file_entry() to ensure that
- strings are properly terminated (Todd Miller).
+ strings are properly terminated (Todd C Miller).
+ rename manpage file curs_scr_dmp.3x to curs_scr_dump.3x, to
correspond with contents (reported by Neil Zanella
@@ -767,7 +1271,7 @@ Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
tic, infocmp).
+ modify tic, infocmp to discard redundant i3, r3 strings when output
to termcap format.
- > patch by Alexander V Lukyanov:
+ > patch by Alexander V Lukyanov:
+ improve performance of tparm, now it takes 19% instead of 25% when
profiling worm.
+ rename maxlen/minlen to prec/width for better readability.
@@ -792,7 +1296,7 @@ Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
string #define (compile time vs runtime).
+ when setting errno to ENOMEM, set it right before the return, not
before code that could, possibly, set errno to a different value.
- > patches by Alexander V Lukyanov:
+ > patches by Alexander V Lukyanov:
+ use default background in update_cost_from_blank()
+ disable scroll-hints when hashmap is configured.
+ improve integration of hashmap scrolling code, by adding oldhash and
@@ -827,12 +1331,12 @@ Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
manpage (patch by Rick Ohnemus <rick@ecompcon.com>).
+ add Makefile.os2 and supporting scripts to generate dll's on OS/2 EMX
(from J.J.G.Ripoll, with further integration by TD).
- + correct a typo in icl6404 terminfo entry.
- + add xtermm and xtermc terminfo entries.
+ + correct a typo in icl6404 terminfo entry.
+ + add xtermm and xtermc terminfo entries.
> from esr's terminfo version:
- + Added Francesco Potorti's tuned Wyse 99 entries.
- + dtterm enacs correction from Alexander V Lukyanov.
- + Add ncsa-ns, ncsa-m-ns and ncsa-m entries from esr version.
+ + Added Francesco Potorti's tuned Wyse 99 entries.
+ + dtterm enacs correction from Alexander V Lukyanov.
+ + Add ncsa-ns, ncsa-m-ns and ncsa-m entries from esr version.
+ document AT&T acs characters in terminfo.5 manpage.
@@ -1147,7 +1651,7 @@ Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas Dickey.
+ the slk_attr_{set,off,on} functions need an additional void*
parameter according to XSI.
+ fix the C++ and Ada95 binding as well as the man pages to
- reflect above enhancements.
+ reflect above enhancements.
+ use 'stat()' rather than 'access()' in toe.c to check for the