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-This is a log of changes that the ncurses C++ binding has gone
-through starting with the integration of menu and forms integration
-into the binding.
-990731 + Improve support for pads. A viewport window may now be added to
- a pad. It will then be possible to use a builtin panning mechanism
- to view the pad.
-970908 + Improve NCursesWindow class: added additional methods to
- cover more ncurses functionality. Make refresh() and
- noutrefresh() virtual members to allow different implementation
- in the NCursesPanel class.
- + CAUTION: changed order of parameters in vline() and hline() of
- NCursesWindow class.
- + Make refresh() in NCursesPanel non-static, it is now a
- reimplementation of refresh() in the base class. Added
- noutrefresh() to NCursesPanel.
- + Added NCursesForm and related classes to support libform
- functionality.
- + Moved most of configuration related stuff from cursesw.h to
- etip.h
- + Added NCursesApplication class to support easy configuration
- of menu and forms related attributes as well as ripped of
- title lines and Soft-Label-Keys for an application.
- + Support of Auto-Cleanup for a menus fieldlist.
- + Change of return type for current_item() and operator[] for
- menus.
- + Enhanced demo.
- + Introduced the THROW and THROWS functions/macros to prepare
- a smoother transition to real exception handling.
- + Exception classes provided in etip.h
- + Added the NCursesMenu class to support libmenu functionality.
- + The inheritace relation between NCursesWindow and NCursesColorWindow
- was kind of brain damage. Monochrome is a special case of colored, so
- the relation should be just the opposite. This would allow all
- derived classes like NCursesPanel, NCursesMenu or NCursesForm to
- have colors.
- To resolve that design flaw I put the color functionality into the
- NCursesWindow class and it can be switched on by the static member
- useColors(). NCursesColorWindow is still there for compatibility
- reasons.