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- C++ interface to ncurses routines
-This directory contains the source code for several C++ classes which
-ease the use of writing ncurses-based programs. The code is derived
-from the libg++ CursesWindow class but enhanced for ncurses.
-The classes simplify the use of window specific functions by
-encapsulating them in the window object. Function overloading is
-used in order to narrow the interface. E.g. you don't have the
-distinction between `printw' and `mvprintw' anymore.
-A second benefit is the removal of all #defines which are included in
-the curses.h file. This is a steady cause of trouble because many
-common identifiers are used. Instead now all #defines are inline
-functions which also allows strict type checking of arguments.
-The next enhancement is color support. It was originally provided by a
-derived class. This caused some trouble if you think about Panels or
-Menus and Forms with colors. We decided to put color support into the
-base class so that any derived class may use color support also.
-The implementation chosen here is directed to unrestricted use
-of mixes of color and monochrome windows. The original NCursesColorWindow
-class is maintained for compatibility reasons.
-The last point to mention is the support of other packages that are
-distributed with the ncurses package: the panels library, the menu library
-and the form library. This support is provided by the NCursesPanel class,
-which is also derived from the NCursesWindow class and the NCursesMenu
-and NCursesForm classes which are derived from NCursesPanel. This allows
-building interfaces with windows.
-Please see the example program for a quick introduction.
-Note that at this point, there is no documentation for these classes.
-Hopefully some will be written in the not too distant future. For now,
-to find out how to use the classes, read the code and the example program.
-Suggestions for enhancements and contributions of code (and docs) are
-welcome. Please let us know which functionality you miss.
- ATTENTION LINUX USERS: There is currently some discussion of
- replacing the BSD curses in the Linux libc with ncurses. If
- this is done we could perhaps include these classes in the Linux
- libg++ replacing the original CursesWindow class (and renaming it
- to CursesWindow). This could be done because NCursesWindow can
- be made easily to a superset of the CursesWindow class.
-Original author:
- Eric Newton <newton@rocky.oswego.edu> for FSF's libg++
-Authors of first ncurses based release (NCursesWindow, NCursesPanel):
- Ulrich Drepper <drepper@ira.uka.de>
- and Anatoly Ivasyuk <anatoly@nick.csh.rit.edu>
-Author of this release:
- Juergen Pfeifer <juergen.pfeifer@gmx.net>