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-.\" Copyright (c) 1998-2001,2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc. *
+.\" Copyright (c) 1998-2005,2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc. *
.\" *
.\" Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a *
.\" copy of this software and associated documentation files (the *
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.\" authorization. *
-.\" $Id: curs_util.3x,v 1.8 2002/02/23 22:55:47 tom Exp $
+.\" $Id: curs_util.3x,v 1.21 2006/08/26 14:17:48 tom Exp $
.TH curs_util 3X ""
+.hy 0
@@ -35,16 +37,19 @@
\fBwunctrl\fR - miscellaneous \fBcurses\fR utility routines
\fB#include <curses.h>\fR
\fBchar *unctrl(chtype c);\fR
-\fBchar *wunctrl(wchar_t w);\fR
+\fBchar *wunctrl(cchar_t *c);\fR
\fBchar *keyname(int c);\fR
@@ -52,6 +57,8 @@
\fBvoid filter(void);\fR
+\fBvoid nofilter(void);\fR
\fBvoid use_env(bool f);\fR
\fBint putwin(WINDOW *win, FILE *filep);\fR
@@ -69,23 +76,29 @@ Control characters are displayed in the \fB^\fR\fIX\fR notation.
Printing characters are displayed as is.
The corresponding \fBwunctrl\fR returns a printable representation of
a wide-character.
The \fBkeyname\fR routine returns a character string corresponding to the key \fIc\fR.
Control characters are displayed in the \fB^\fR\fIX\fR notation.
Values above 128 are either meta characters, shown in the \fBM-\fR\fIX\fR notation,
-or the names of function keys, or
+or the names of function keys, or null.
The corresponding \fBkey_name\fR returns a character string corresponding
to the wide-character value \fIw\fR.
The two functions do not return the same set of strings;
-the latter returns "UNKNOWN STRING" where the former would display a meta character.
+the latter returns null where the former would display a meta character.
The \fBfilter\fR routine, if used, must be called before \fBinitscr\fR or
\fBnewterm\fR are called. The effect is that, during those calls, \fBLINES\fR
is set to 1; the capabilities \fBclear\fR, \fBcup\fR, \fBcud\fR, \fBcud1\fR,
\fBcuu1\fR, \fBcuu\fR, \fBvpa\fR are disabled; and the \fBhome\fR string is
set to the value of \fBcr\fR.
+The \fBnofilter\fP routine cancels the effect of a preceding \fBfilter\fP
+That allows the caller to initialize a screen on a different device,
+using a different value of \fB$TERM\fP.
+The limitation arises because the \fBfilter\fP routine modifies the
+in-memory copy of the terminal information.
The \fBuse_env\fR routine, if used, is called before \fBinitscr\fR or
\fBnewterm\fR are called. When called with \fBFALSE\fR as an
argument, the values of \fBlines\fR and \fBcolumns\fR specified in the
@@ -94,39 +107,82 @@ argument, the values of \fBlines\fR and \fBcolumns\fR specified in the
\fBcurses\fR is running in a window (in which case default behavior
would be to use the window size if \fBLINES\fR and \fBCOLUMNS\fR are
not set).
+Note that setting \fBLINES\fR or \fBCOLUMNS\fR overrides the
+corresponding size which may be obtained from the operating system.
The \fBputwin\fR routine writes all data associated with window \fIwin\fR into
the file to which \fIfilep\fR points. This information can be later retrieved
using the \fBgetwin\fR function.
The \fBgetwin\fR routine reads window related data stored in the file by
\fBputwin\fR. The routine then creates and initializes a new window using that
data. It returns a pointer to the new window.
The \fBdelay_output\fR routine inserts an \fIms\fR millisecond pause
in output. This routine should not be used extensively because
padding characters are used rather than a CPU pause.
+If no padding character is specified, this uses \fBnapms\fR to perform the delay.
The \fBflushinp\fR routine throws away any typeahead that has been typed by the
user and has not yet been read by the program.
Except for \fBflushinp\fR, routines that return an integer return \fBERR\fR
upon failure and \fBOK\fR (SVr4 specifies only "an integer value other than
\fBERR\fR") upon successful completion.
-\fBflushinp\fR always returns \fBOK\fR.
Routines that return pointers return \fBNULL\fR on error.
+X/Open does not define any error conditions.
+In this implementation
+.TP 5
+returns an error if the terminal was not initialized.
+.TP 5
+returns an error if the associated \fBfwrite\fP calls return an error.
The XSI Curses standard, Issue 4 describes these functions.
It states that \fBunctrl\fR and \fBwunctrl\fR will return a null pointer if
unsuccessful, but does not define any error conditions.
The SVr4 documentation describes the action of \fBfilter\fR only in the vaguest
terms. The description here is adapted from the XSI Curses standard (which
erroneously fails to describe the disabling of \fBcuu\fR).
+The strings returned by \fBunctrl\fR in this implementation are determined
+at compile time,
+showing C1 controls from the upper-128 codes with a `~' prefix rather than `^'.
+Other implementations have different conventions.
+For example, they may show both sets of control characters with `^',
+and strip the parameter to 7 bits.
+Or they may ignore C1 controls and treat all of the upper-1280 codes as
+This implementation uses 8 bits but does not modify the string to reflect
+The \fBuse_legacy_coding\fP function allows the caller to
+change the output of \fBunctrl\fP.
+The \fBkeyname\fP function may return the names of user-defined
+string capabilities which are defined in the terminfo entry via the \fB-x\fP
+option of \fBtic\fP.
+This implementation automatically assigns at run-time keycodes to
+user-defined strings which begin with "k".
+The keycodes start at KEY_MAX, but are not guaranteed to be
+the same value for different runs because user-defined codes are
+merged from all terminal descriptions which have been loaded.
+The \fBnofilter\fP routine is specific to ncurses.
+It was not supported on Version 7, BSD or System V implementations.
+It is recommended that any code depending on ncurses extensions
+be conditioned using NCURSES_VERSION.
-\fBcurses\fR(3X), \fBcurs_initscr\fR(3X), \fBcurs_scr_dump\fR(3X).
.\"# The following sets edit modes for GNU EMACS
.\"# Local Variables: