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Add -J command/flag to filter by jail name/jid. This will automatically
display the JID as well (the -j command/flag). 0 displays host. + displays all. MFC after: 2 weeks Relnotes: yes
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=265249
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@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ top \- display and update information about the top cpu processes
] [
.BI \-s time
] [
+.BI \-J jail
+] [
.BI \-U username
] [
.I number
@@ -171,6 +173,21 @@ values are \*(lqcpu\*(rq, \*(lqsize\*(rq, \*(lqres\*(rq, and \*(lqtime\*(rq,
but may vary on different operating systems. Note that
not all operating systems support this option.
+.BI \-J jail
+Show only those processes owned by
+.IR jail .
+This may be either the
+.B jid
+.B name
+of the jail.
+.B 0
+to limit to host processes.
+Using this option implies the
+.B \-j
.BI \-U username
Show only those processes owned by
.IR username .
@@ -315,6 +332,12 @@ Toggle the display of
.IR jail (8)
+.B J
+Display only processes owned by a specific jail (prompt for jail).
+If the jail specified is simply \*(lq+\*(rq, then processes belonging
+to all jails and the host will be displayed.
+This will also enable the display of JID.
.B P
Toggle the display of per-CPU statistics.