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- Document the -H option and 'H' key alongside other options and keys
rather than at the bottom of the manpage. - Remove an obsolete comment about SWAIT being a stale state. It was resurrected for a different purpose in FreeBSD 5 to mark idle ithreads. - Add a comment documenting that the SLEEP and LOCK states typically display the name of the event being waited on with lock names being prefixed with an asterisk and sleep event names not having a prefix. MFC after: 1 week
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@@ -89,6 +89,10 @@ Use \*(lqbatch\*(rq mode. In this mode, all input from the terminal is
ignored. Interrupt characters (such as ^C and ^\e) still have an effect.
This is the default on a dumb terminal, or when the output is not a terminal.
+.B \-H
+Display each thread for a multithreaded process individually.
+By default a single summary line is displayed for each process.
.B \-i
Use \*(lqinteractive\*(rq mode. In this mode, any input is immediately
read for processing. See the section on \*(lqInteractive Mode\*(rq
@@ -292,6 +296,9 @@ or
.BR r enice
+.B H
+Toggle the display of threads.
.B i
.BR I )
@@ -358,8 +365,11 @@ the order of the processes, and
COMMAND is the name of the command that the process is currently running
(if the process is swapped out, this column is marked \*(lq<swapped>\*(rq).
-The \*(lqABANDONED\*(rq state (known in the kernel as \*(lqSWAIT\*(rq) was
-abandoned, thus the name. A process should never end up in this state.
+If a process is in the \*(lqSLEEP\*(rq or \*(lqLOCK\*(rq state,
+the state column will report the name of the event or lock on which the
+process is waiting.
+Lock names are prefixed with an asterisk \*(lq*\*(rq while sleep events
+are not.
William LeFebvre, EECS Department, Northwestern University