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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ top \- display and update information about the top cpu processes
.B top
-.B \-SbiInqut
+.B \-SbiInqutv
] [
.BI \-d count
] [
@@ -106,6 +106,11 @@ all the user id numbers it encounters into login names. This option
disables all that, while possibly decreasing execution time. The uid
numbers are displayed instead of the names.
+.B \-v
+Write version number information to stderr then exit immediately.
+No other processing takes place when this option is used. To see current
+revision information while top is running, use the help command \*(lq?\*(rq.
.BI \-d count
Show only
.I count
@@ -194,7 +199,8 @@ These commands are currently recognized (^L refers to control-L):
.B ^L
Redraw the screen.
.IP "\fBh\fP\ or\ \fB?\fP"
-Display a summary of the commands (help screen).
+Display a summary of the commands (help screen). Version information
+is included in this display.
.B q
@@ -230,6 +236,12 @@ Display only processes owned by a specific username (prompt for username).
If the username specified is simply \*(lq+\*(rq, then processes belonging
to all users will be displayed.
+.B o
+Change the order in which the display is sorted. This command is not
+available on all systems. The sort key names vary fron system to system
+but usually include: \*(lqcpu\*(rq, \*(lqres\*(rq, \*(lqsize\*(rq,
+\*(lqtime\*(rq. The default is cpu.
.B e
Display a list of system errors (if any) generated by the last
.BR k ill