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- Add new 'a' switch and runtime option that allows 'top' to display process
titles extracted from argv vector instead of the real executable names. This is useful when you want to watch applications that set their status information via setproctitle(3). Approved by: alfred MFC after: 2 weeks
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=168710
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--- a/contrib/top/top.X
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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ top \- display and update information about the top cpu processes
.B top
-.B \-bCHIinqStuv
+.B \-abCHIinqStuv
] [
.BI \-d count
] [
@@ -78,6 +78,12 @@ the \*(lqWCPU\*(rq column respectively.
Show system processes in the display. Normally, system processes such as
the pager and the swapper are not shown. This option makes them visible.
+.B \-a
+Display command names derived from the argv[] vector, rather than real
+executable name. It's useful when you want to watch applications, that
+puts their status information there. If the real name differs from argv[0],
+it will be displayed in parenthesis.
.B \-b
Use \*(lqbatch\*(rq mode. In this mode, all input from the terminal is
ignored. Interrupt characters (such as ^C and ^\e) still have an effect.