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Fix setlocale() to conform to the ISO C and POSIX standards.
The below text is quoted from the latest POSIX draft: : The values of locale categories shall be determined by a precedence : order; the first condition met below determines the value: : : 1. If the LC_ALL environment variable is defined and is not null, : the value of LC_ALL shall be used. : 2. If the LC_* environment variable (LC_COLLATE, LC_CTYPE, LC_MESSAGES, : LC_MONETARY, LC_NUMERIC, LC_TIME) is defined and is not null, the : value of the environment variable shall be used to initialize the : category that corresponds to the environment variable. : 3. If the LANG environment variable is defined and is not null, the : value of the LANG environment variable shall be used. : 4. If the LANG environment variable is not set or is set to the empty : string, the implementation-defined default locale shall be used. The conditions 1 and 2 were interchanged, i.e., LC_* were looked first, then LC_ALL, then LANG (note that LC_ALL and LANG were essentially the same, providing the default, with LC_ALL taking precedence over LANG). Now, LC_ALL and LANG serve the different purposes. LC_ALL overrides any LC_*, and LANG provides the default fallback. Testcase: /usr/bin/env LC_ALL=C LC_TIME=de_DE.ISO_8859-1 /bin/date Should return date in the "C" locale format. Inspired by: date(1) reference page in the Draft
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