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Summer of Code 2005: improve libalias - part 1 of 2
With the first part of my previous Summer of Code work, we get: -made libalias modular: -support for 'particular' protocols (like ftp/irc/etcetc) is no more hardcoded inside libalias, but it's available through external modules loadable at runtime -modules are available both in kernel (/boot/kernel/alias_*.ko) and user land (/lib/libalias_*) -protocols/applications modularized are: cuseeme, ftp, irc, nbt, pptp, skinny and smedia -added logging support for kernel side -cleanup After a buildworld, do a 'mergemaster -i' to install the file libalias.conf in /etc or manually copy it. During startup (and after every HUP signal) user land applications running the new libalias will try to read a file in /etc called libalias.conf: that file contains the list of modules to load. User land applications affected by this commit are ppp and natd: if libalias.conf is present in /etc you won't notice any difference. The only kernel land bit affected by this commit is ng_nat: if you are using ng_nat, and it doesn't correctly handle ftp/irc/etcetc sessions anymore, remember to kldload the correspondent module (i.e. kldload alias_ftp). General information and details about the inner working are available in the libalias man page under the section 'MODULAR ARCHITECTURE (AND ipfw(4) SUPPORT)'. NOTA BENE: this commit affects _ONLY_ libalias, ipfw in-kernel nat support will be part of the next libalias-related commit. Approved by: glebius Reviewed by: glebius, ru
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+# $FreeBSD$
+LIB= alias_skinny
+SRCS= alias_skinny.c
+.include <bsd.lib.mk>