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Work around a bug in the 82557 NIC where the receiver will lock up
if it is in 10Mbps mode and gets certain types of garbage prior to the packet header. The work-around involves reprogramming the multicast filter if nothing is received in some number of seconds (currently set at 15). As a side effect, implemented complete support for multicasting rather than the previous 'receive all multicasts' hack, since we now have the ability to program the filter table. Fixed a serious bug which crept in with the timeout() changes; the cookie was only saved on the first timeout() call in fxp_init() and wasn't updated in the most common place in fxp_stats_update() when the timeout was rescheduled. This bug would have resulted in an eventual panic if fxp_stop() was called (which happens when any interface flags are changed, for example). Fixed a bug in Alpha support that would have caused the TxCB descriptor chain to span a page boundry, causing serious problems if the pages didn't happen to be contiguous. Removed some gratuitous bit masking that was left over from an older implementation. Fixed a bug where too much was copied from the configuration template, spilling over into memory that followed it. Fixed handling of if_timer...it was cleared too early in some cases.
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