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Revert "libc: Some enhancements to syslog(3)"
This reverts commit 2886c93d1bca231260ebc01d4205743ca781f3c7. The original commit has two problems: * It sets SO_SNDBUF to be as large as MAXLINE. But for unix domain sockets, the send buffer is bypassed. Packets go directly to the peer's receive buffer, so setting and querying SO_SNDBUF is ineffective. To ensure that the socket can accept messages of a certain size, it would be necessary to add a SO_PEERRCVBUF socket option that could query the connected peer's receive buffer size. * It sets MAXLINE to 8 kB, which is larger than the default sockbuf size of 4 kB. That's ok for the builtin syslogd, which sets its recvbuf to 80 kB, but not ok for alternative sysloggers, like rsyslogd, which use the default size. As a consequence, writing messages of more than 4 kB with syslog() as a non-root user while running rsyslogd would cause the logging application to spin indefinitely within syslog(). PR: 260126 MFC: 2 weeks Sponsored by: Axcient Reviewed by: markj Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D33199
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