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Sync with HEAD.
Notes: svn path=/projects/bmake/; revision=246555
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diff --git a/lib/libradius/libradius.3 b/lib/libradius/libradius.3
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--- a/lib/libradius/libradius.3
+++ b/lib/libradius/libradius.3
@@ -37,6 +37,8 @@
.Fn rad_acct_open "void"
.Ft int
.Fn rad_add_server "struct rad_handle *h" "const char *host" "int port" "const char *secret" "int timeout" "int max_tries"
+.Ft int
+.Fn rad_add_server_ex "struct rad_handle *h" "const char *host" "int port" "const char *secret" "int timeout" "int max_tries" "int dead_time" "struct in_addr *bindto"
.Ft "struct rad_handle *"
.Fn rad_auth_open "void"
.Ft void
@@ -153,7 +155,12 @@ is used.
returns 0 on success, or \-1 if an error occurs.
The library can also be configured programmatically by calls to
-.Fn rad_add_server .
+.Fn rad_add_server
+.Fn rad_add_server_ex .
+.Fn rad_add_server
+is a backward compatible function, implemented via
+.Fn rad_add_server_ex .
.Fa host
parameter specifies the server host, either as a fully qualified
@@ -188,11 +195,20 @@ The maximum number of repeated
requests to make before giving up is passed into the
.Fa max_tries
+Time interval in seconds when the server will not be requested
+if it is marked as dead (did not answer on the last try) set with
+.Fa dead_time
+.Fa bindto
+parameter is an IP address on the multihomed host that is used as
+a source address for all requests.
.Fn rad_add_server
returns 0 on success, or \-1 if an error occurs.
.Fn rad_add_server
-may be called multiple times, and it may be used together with
+.Fn rad_add_server_ex
+may be called multiple times, and they may be used together with
.Fn rad_config .
At most 10 servers may be specified.
When multiple servers are given, they are tried in round-robin