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Add support for reading MAM attributes to camcontrol(8) and libcam(3).
MAM is Medium Auxiliary Memory and is most commonly found as flash chips on tapes. This includes support for reading attributes and decoding most known attributes, but does not yet include support for writing attributes or reporting attributes in XML format. libsbuf/Makefile: Add subr_prf.c for the new sbuf_hexdump() function. This function is essentially the same function. libsbuf/Symbol.map: Add a new shared library minor version, and include the sbuf_hexdump() function. libsbuf/Version.def: Add version 1.4 of the libsbuf library. libutil/hexdump.3: Document sbuf_hexdump() alongside hexdump(3), since it is essentially the same function. camcontrol/Makefile: Add attrib.c. camcontrol/attrib.c: Implementation of READ ATTRIBUTE support for camcontrol(8). camcontrol/camcontrol.8: Document the new 'camcontrol attrib' subcommand. camcontrol/camcontrol.c: Add the new 'camcontrol attrib' subcommand. camcontrol/camcontrol.h: Add a function prototype for scsiattrib(). share/man/man9/sbuf.9: Document the existence of sbuf_hexdump() and point users to the hexdump(3) man page for more details. sys/cam/scsi/scsi_all.c: Add a table of known attributes, text descriptions and handler functions. Add a new scsi_attrib_sbuf() function along with a number of other related functions that help decode attributes. scsi_attrib_ascii_sbuf() decodes ASCII format attributes. scsi_attrib_int_sbuf() decodes binary format attributes, and will pass them off to scsi_attrib_hexdump_sbuf() if they're bigger than 8 bytes. scsi_attrib_vendser_sbuf() decodes the vendor and drive serial number attribute. scsi_attrib_volcoh_sbuf() decodes the Volume Coherency Information attribute that LTFS writes out. sys/cam/scsi/scsi_all.h: Add a number of attribute-related structure definitions and other defines. Add function prototypes for all of the functions added in scsi_all.c. sys/kern/subr_prf.c: Add a new function, sbuf_hexdump(). This is the same as the existing hexdump(9) function, except that it puts the result in an sbuf. This also changes subr_prf.c so that it can be compiled in userland for includsion in libsbuf. We should work to change this so that the kernel hexdump implementation is a wrapper around sbuf_hexdump() with a statically allocated sbuf with a drain. That will require a drain function that goes to the kernel printf() buffer that can take a non-NUL terminated string as input. That is because an sbuf isn't NUL-terminated until it is finished, and we don't want to finish it while we're still using it. We should also work to consolidate the userland hexdump and kernel hexdump implemenatations, which are currently separate. This would also mean making applications that currently link in libutil link in libsbuf. sys/sys/sbuf.h: Add the prototype for sbuf_hexdump(), and add another copy of the hexdump flag values if they aren't already defined. Ideally the flags should be defined in one place but the implemenation makes it difficult to do properly. (See above.) Sponsored by: Spectra Logic Corporation MFC after: 1 week
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=284192
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diff --git a/lib/libsbuf/Makefile b/lib/libsbuf/Makefile
index 79d3fe973e05..98ceeb6b373d 100644
--- a/lib/libsbuf/Makefile
+++ b/lib/libsbuf/Makefile
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
LIB= sbuf
-SRCS= subr_sbuf.c
+SRCS= subr_prf.c subr_sbuf.c
diff --git a/lib/libsbuf/Symbol.map b/lib/libsbuf/Symbol.map
index cf2508f8a523..164b8f3c449d 100644
--- a/lib/libsbuf/Symbol.map
+++ b/lib/libsbuf/Symbol.map
@@ -27,3 +27,7 @@ FBSD_1.3 {
+FBSD_1.4 {
+ sbuf_hexdump;
diff --git a/lib/libsbuf/Version.def b/lib/libsbuf/Version.def
index fb0b3f6e82a5..fd5c6be79e7d 100644
--- a/lib/libsbuf/Version.def
+++ b/lib/libsbuf/Version.def
@@ -5,3 +5,6 @@ FBSD_1.2 {
FBSD_1.3 {
} FBSD_1.2;
+FBSD_1.4 {
+} FBSD_1.3;
diff --git a/lib/libutil/hexdump.3 b/lib/libutil/hexdump.3
index 8e997ac24b4d..9fa96f899f95 100644
--- a/lib/libutil/hexdump.3
+++ b/lib/libutil/hexdump.3
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd July 1, 2008
+.Dd May 8, 2014
@@ -36,8 +36,17 @@
.Nd "dump a block of bytes to standard out in hexadecimal form"
.In libutil.h
+.In sys/sbuf.h
.Ft void
.Fn hexdump "void *ptr" "int length" "const char *hdr" "int flags"
+.Ft void
+.Fo sbuf_hexdump
+.Fa "struct sbuf *sb"
+.Fa "void *ptr"
+.Fa "int length"
+.Fa "const char *hdr"
+.Fa "int flags"
.Fn hexdump
@@ -50,6 +59,11 @@ output will start with an offset count, followed by 16 hexadecimal values,
followed by 16
+.Fn sbuf_hexdump
+function prints the hexdump to the supplied
+.Xr sbuf 9 .
.Bl -tag -width indent
.It Fa ptr
Pointer to the array of bytes to print.
@@ -88,7 +102,8 @@ Do not print the character values on each line.
-.Xr ascii 7
+.Xr ascii 7 ,
+.Xr sbuf 9
This manual page was written by
.An Scott Long .