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Retire synchronous PPP kernel driver sppp(4).
The last two drivers that required sppp are cp(4) and ce(4). These devices are still produced and can be purchased at Cronyx <http://cronyx.ru/hardware/wan.html>. Since Roman Kurakin <rik@FreeBSD.org> has quit them, they no longer support FreeBSD officially. Later they have dropped support for Linux drivers to. As of mid-2020 they don't even have a developer to maintain their Windows driver. However, their support verbally told me that they could provide aid to a FreeBSD developer with documentaion in case if there appears a new customer for their devices. These drivers have a feature to not use sppp(4) and create an interface, but instead expose the device as netgraph(4) node. Then, you can attach ng_ppp(4) with help of ports/net/mpd5 on top of the node and get your synchronous PPP. Alternatively you can attach ng_frame_relay(4) or ng_cisco(4) for HDLC. Actually, last time I used cp(4) back in 2004, using netgraph(4) instead of sppp(4) was already the right way to do. Thus, remove the sppp(4) related part of the drivers and enable by default the negraph(4) part. Further maintenance of these drivers in the tree shouldn't be a big deal. While doing that, remove some cruft and enable cp(4) compilation on amd64. The ce(4) for some unknown reason marks its internal DDK functions with __attribute__ fastcall, which most likely is safe to remove, but without hardware I'm not going to do that, so ce(4) remains i386-only. Reviewed by: emaste, imp, donner Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D32590 See also: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D23928
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savecore \
securelevel \
serial \
- sppp \
statd \
static_arp \
static_ndp \