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From: Jeffrey Hsu <hsu@soda.berkeley.edu>
The following patch adds the addr argument to signal handlers. The kernel with the patch is no more and no less in compliance or in violation of POSIX and ANSI C than the kernel before the patch. The added functionality this addr argument provides is quite useful. It enables an entire class of algorithms which use mprotect to trace memory references. Beside garbage collectors, I have heard of this technique being applied to debuggers and profilers. The only benchmarking I've performed is using akcl to compile maxima: without the kernel patch, it takes 7 hours to compile maxima, while with stratified garbage collection, it only takes 50 minutes. Basically, I can't think of a reason not to add the addr argument and there is a compelling need for it. If you find the patch acceptable, please let me know so I can send my FreeBSD akcl config files to wfs for inclusion in the core akcl release. The old 386BSD config files there won't work on either NetBSD or FreeBSD.
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