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-.\" Copyright (c) 1998-2005,2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc. *
+.\" Copyright (c) 1998-2010,2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc. *
.\" *
.\" Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a *
.\" copy of this software and associated documentation files (the *
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.\" authorization. *
-.\" $Id: curs_addstr.3x,v 1.16 2010/12/04 18:36:44 tom Exp $
+.\" $Id: curs_addstr.3x,v 1.17 2012/11/03 22:57:31 tom Exp $
.TH curs_addstr 3X ""
+.de bP
+.IP \(bu 4
.hy 0
@@ -62,34 +65,37 @@
\fBint mvwaddnstr(WINDOW *\fR\fIwin\fR\fB, int \fR\fIy\fR\fB, int \fR\fIx\fR\fB, const char *\fR\fIstr, int \fR\fIn\fR\fB);\fR
-These routines write the characters of the (null-terminated) character string
+These functions write the (null-terminated) character string
\fIstr\fR on the given window.
It is similar to calling \fBwaddch\fR once for each character in the string.
-The four routines with \fIn\fR as the last argument
-write at most \fIn\fR characters.
-If \fIn\fR is \-1, then the entire string will be added,
-up to the maximum number of characters that will fit on the line,
+The \fImv\fR functions perform cursor movement once, before writing any
+Thereafter, the cursor is advanced as a side-effect of writing to the window.
+The four functions with \fIn\fR as the last argument
+write at most \fIn\fR characters,
or until a terminating null is reached.
+If \fIn\fR is \-1, then the entire string will be added.
-All routines return the integer \fBERR\fR upon failure and \fBOK\fR on success
-(the SVr4 manuals specify only "an integer value other than \fBERR\fR") upon
-successful completion.
+All functions return the integer \fBERR\fR upon failure and \fBOK\fR on success.
X/Open does not define any error conditions.
This implementation returns an error
if the window pointer is null or
if the string pointer is null or
if the corresponding calls to \fBwaddch\fP return an error.
Functions with a "mv" prefix first perform a cursor movement using
\fBwmove\fP, and return an error if the position is outside the window,
or if the window pointer is null.
-Note that all of these routines except \fBwaddstr\fR and \fBwaddnstr\fR may be
+All of these functions except \fBwaddnstr\fR may be macros.
-All these entry points are described in the XSI Curses standard, Issue 4. The
-XSI errors EILSEQ and EOVERFLOW, associated with extended-level conformance,
-are not yet detected.
+These functions are described in the XSI Curses standard, Issue 4.
-\fBcurses\fR(3X), \fBcurs_addch\fR(3X).