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stand: Compile out the extensive superblock diagnostic messages for BIOS loader
The BIOS loader operates in a very constrained environment. The messages for the super block integrity tests take up about 12k of space. Compile them out for the BIOS loader, while leaving it intact for all other loaders that aren't space constrained. These aren't used in the 'super tiny' *boot* programs, so no adjustment is needed there. We reply on the fact that (a) i386 doesn't support 32-bit UEFI booting and (b) LIBSA_CPUARCH is "i386" when building on both i386 and when we're building the 32-bit libsa32 library. This saves about 12k of space for this constrained envrionment and will take a bit of the pressure off some machines where the loader has grown too big for their BIOS (see comments in i386/loader/Makefile for details). Sponsored by: Netflix Reviewed by: mckusick Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D36175
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