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Now that GENERIC can boot on UEFI systems (r268158), switch the build to use
UEFI-compatible images. These will boot as before on BIOS systems, but will boot using the UEFI loader on UEFI-aware systems.
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=268162
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-# Module: mkisoimages.sh
-# Author: Jordan K Hubbard
-# Date: 22 June 2001
-# $FreeBSD$
-# This script is used by release/Makefile to build the (optional) ISO images
-# for a FreeBSD release. It is considered architecture dependent since each
-# platform has a slightly unique way of making bootable CDs. This script
-# is also allowed to generate any number of images since that is more of
-# publishing decision than anything else.
-# Usage:
-# mkisoimages.sh [-b] image-label image-name base-bits-dir [extra-bits-dir]
-# Where -b is passed if the ISO image should be made "bootable" by
-# whatever standards this architecture supports (may be unsupported),
-# image-label is the ISO image label, image-name is the filename of the
-# resulting ISO image, base-bits-dir contains the image contents and
-# extra-bits-dir, if provided, contains additional files to be merged
-# into base-bits-dir as part of making the image.
-if [ "x$1" = "x-b" ]; then
- # This is highly x86-centric and will be used directly below.
- bootable="-o bootimage=i386;$4/boot/cdboot -o no-emul-boot"
- # Make EFI system partition (should be done with makefs in the future)
- dd if=/dev/zero of=efiboot.img bs=4k count=100
- device=`mdconfig -a -t vnode -f efiboot.img`
- newfs_msdos -F 12 -m 0xf8 /dev/$device
- mkdir efi
- mount -t msdosfs /dev/$device efi
- mkdir -p efi/efi/boot
- cp ${4}/boot/loader.efi efi/efi/boot/bootx64.efi
- umount efi
- rmdir efi
- mdconfig -d -u $device
- bootable="-o bootimage=i386;efiboot.img -o no-emul-boot $bootable"
- shift
- bootable=""
-if [ $# -lt 3 ]; then
- echo Usage: $0 '[-b] image-label image-name base-bits-dir [extra-bits-dir]'
- exit 1
-LABEL=`echo $1 | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'`; shift
-NAME=$1; shift
-publisher="The FreeBSD Project. http://www.FreeBSD.org/"
-echo "/dev/iso9660/$LABEL / cd9660 ro 0 0" > $1/etc/fstab
-makefs -t cd9660 $bootable -o rockridge -o label=$LABEL -o publisher="$publisher" $NAME $*
-rm $1/etc/fstab
-rm -f efiboot.img