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Implement cross build support for embedded devices into
release.sh: - Modify release/release.sh to recognize an 'EMBEDDEDBUILD' variable. When set, release/release.sh will build the chroot userland as is done for big-iron builds. - Instead of running the 'buildworld', 'buildkernel', and 'release' targets in the chroot, a separate script is run. The script tools/release/${XDEV}/release.sh sets up the rest of the chroot workspace, such as installing ports that will be needed, and building the 'xdev' target. - crochet (by kientzle@) is checked out from the upstream repository (and if needed, u-boot, in the case of Raspberry Pi). - tools/release/${XDEV}/release.sh then runs crochet with a configuration file specific to the ${KERNCONF} being built. Note that this is effectively a first-pass attempt to integrate this into the release process. Tested against: head@r259961 Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
Notes: svn path=/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded/; revision=259994
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+# $FreeBSD$
+# This is only supported on amd64 right now. It may work on
+# i386, but I do not have the hardware to test, so until I get
+# a VM set up to make sure, be cautious and assume it will not.
+if [ "$(uname -p)" != "amd64" ] || [ "$(uname -m)" != "amd64" ]; then
+ echo "This is only supported on amd64 right now."
+ exit 0
+# Build chroot configuration
+# Build target configuration
+# Since this file is sourced by a script that runs another
+# script, these must be exported.
+set -a
+EMBEDDEDPORTS="lang/python textproc/gsed"
+set +a