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authorGlen Barber <gjb@FreeBSD.org>2020-10-15 17:12:58 +0000
committerGlen Barber <gjb@FreeBSD.org>2020-10-15 17:12:58 +0000
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Increase the amd64 ISO ESP file size from 800KB to 1024KB.
At some poing over the last week, the bootx64.efi file has grown past the 800KB threshold, resulting in being unable to copy it to the EFI/BOOT directory. # stat -f %z efiboot.znWo7m 819200 # stat -f %z stand-test.PIEugN/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi 842752 The comment in the script that creates the ISOs suggests that 800KB is the maximum allowed for the boot code, however I was able to boot an ISO with a 1024KB boot partition. Additionally, I verified against an ISO from OtherOS, where the boot EFI partition is 2.4MB. Sponsored by: Rubicon Communications, LLC (netgate.com)
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=366732
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diff --git a/release/arm64/mkisoimages.sh b/release/arm64/mkisoimages.sh
index 67edfb53f357..f8a67992d455 100644
--- a/release/arm64/mkisoimages.sh
+++ b/release/arm64/mkisoimages.sh
@@ -40,10 +40,10 @@ if [ "$1" = "-b" ]; then
# Make an EFI system partition.
- # The ISO file is a special case, in that it only has a maximum of
- # 800 KB available for the boot code. So make an 800 KB ESP
espfilename=$(mktemp /tmp/efiboot.XXXXXX)
- make_esp_file ${espfilename} 800 ${BASEBITSDIR}/boot/loader.efi
+ # ESP file size in KB.
+ espsize="1024"
+ make_esp_file ${espfilename} ${espsize} ${BASEBITSDIR}/boot/loader.efi
bootable="-o bootimage=efi;${espfilename} -o no-emul-boot -o platformid=efi"