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configurations are under active development. At this time,
SMP-enabled systems are considered less stable. The current
priorities are UP fixes to improve stability.</para>
+ <sect2>
+ <title>Supported Devices Overview</title>
+ <para>This section contains additional information about what
+ devices may or may not be supported by &os;/&arch;.</para>
+ <para>Except for the PC chipset embedded &man.ata.4; controllers,
+ most should work out of the box. Eventually, all
+ &arch;-compatible ATA controllers are expected to be fully
+ supported. Refer to the following sections for various disk
+ controllers and their current status.</para>
+ <para>In general, <quote>PC standard</quote> serial ports
+ supported by the &man.sio.4; driver are expected to work on
+ Intel legacy machines, but not PA legacy machines. The reason
+ is that all devices on HP machines are memory-mapped and there
+ is <emphasis>no</emphasis> ISA device support other than the PCI
+ dictated VGA legacy.</para>
+ <para>In addition to &man.sio.4; devices, the following devices
+ fail on non-Intel legacy machines (but should work on boxes with
+ an Intel legacy) because their drivers make ISA-specific
+ assumptions that do not hold:</para>
+ <informaltable frame="none">
+ <tgroup cols="2">
+ <tbody>
+ <row>
+ <entry>&man.sio.4;</entry>
+ <entry>No support for memory-mapped I/O</entry>
+ </row>
+ <row>
+ <entry>&man.syscons.4;</entry>
+ <entry>Expect BIOS, VGA probes, etc.</entry>
+ </row>
+ <row>
+ <entry>&man.pcm.4;</entry>
+ <entry>Probes MSS ISA ports <emphasis>ad nauseum</emphasis></entry>
+ </row>
+ <row>
+ <entry>&man.atkbd.4;, &man.psm.4;</entry>
+ <entry>Fixed ISA port locations</entry>
+ </row>
+ </tbody>
+ </tgroup>
+ </informaltable>
+ </sect2>