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authorBruce A. Mah <bmah@FreeBSD.org>2007-02-16 02:10:12 +0000
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Add support for auto-generating hardware notes entries in a
manner consistent with the new MI-style hardware notes document. man2hwnotes.pl now defaults to generating entities for the MI-style hardware notes (i.e. hardware/article.sgml). A new -c option causes it to generate entities for the older MD-style hardware notes (i.e. hardware/common/dev.sgml). The Makefile infrastructure supplies the -c option to man2hwnotes.pl now unless the HWNOTES_MI Makefile variable is defined, so compatiblity is preserved for hardware notes translations that aren't converted to the new organization yet. As translations convert, they should define HWNOTES_MI in their hardware/Makefile. When all the relevant translations catch up, the compatibility goop in share/mk/doc.relnotes.mk and share/sgml/Makefile can be removed. Thanks go to simon@ for help with the backwards compatiblity mechanism. Tested with: en_US.ISO8859-1, zh_CN.GB2312
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=166778
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diff --git a/release/doc/share/mk/doc.relnotes.mk b/release/doc/share/mk/doc.relnotes.mk
index 2fe30d76b1fc..95d1e4957872 100644
--- a/release/doc/share/mk/doc.relnotes.mk
+++ b/release/doc/share/mk/doc.relnotes.mk
@@ -43,9 +43,14 @@ DEV-AUTODIR= ${RELN_ROOT:S/${.CURDIR}/${.OBJDIR}/}/share/sgml
CLEANFILES+= ${DEV-AUTODIR}/dev-auto.sgml ${DEV-AUTODIR}/catalog-auto
+.if defined(HWNOTES_MI)
# Dependency that the article makefiles can use to pull in
# dev-auto.sgml.
${DEV-AUTODIR}/catalog-auto ${DEV-AUTODIR}/dev-auto.sgml: ${MAN4PAGES} \
- cd ${RELN_ROOT}/share/sgml && make dev-auto.sgml
+ cd ${RELN_ROOT}/share/sgml && make MAN2HWNOTES_FLAGS=${MAN2HWNOTES_FLAGS} dev-auto.sgml