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Remove ia64.
This includes: o All directories named *ia64* o All files named *ia64* o All ia64-specific code guarded by __ia64__ o All ia64-specific makefile logic o Mention of ia64 in comments and documentation This excludes: o Everything under contrib/ o Everything under crypto/ o sys/xen/interface o sys/sys/elf_common.h Discussed at: BSDcan
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=268351
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@@ -99,10 +99,10 @@ element will be included. For example:
<para arch="sparc64">SPARC64-specific text</para>
-The currently-supported architectures are amd64, arm, i386, ia64,
-pc98, powerpc, and sparc64. An element may appear for multiple
-architectures by specifying a comma-separated list of architectures
-(i.e. arch="sparc64,ia64").
+The currently-supported architectures are amd64, arm, i386, pc98,
+powerpc and sparc64. An element may appear for multiple architectures
+by specifying a comma-separated list of architectures
+(i.e. arch="sparc64,amd64").
When creating a translation, make a new directory under this
directory with a language code (paralleling the DocProj directory
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@@ -129,10 +129,10 @@
<para>&intel; EM64T is an extended version of IA-32 (x86) and
- different from &intel; IA-64 (Itanium) architecture, which
- &os;/ia64 supports. Some &intel;'s old documentation refers
- to &intel; EM64T as <quote>64-bit extension technology</quote>
- or <quote>IA-32e</quote>.</para>
+ different from &intel; IA-64 (Itanium) architecture. Some
+ &intel;'s old documentation refers to &intel; EM64T as
+ <quote>64-bit extension technology</quote> or
+ <quote>IA-32e</quote>.</para>
<para>Both Uniprocessor (UP) and Symmetric Multi-processor (SMP)
configurations are supported.</para>
@@ -232,41 +232,6 @@
more information.</para>
- <sect2 xml:id="proc-ia64">
- <title>ia64</title>
- <para>Currently supported processors are the <link xlink:href="http://people.freebsd.org/~marcel/refs/ia64/itanium/24532003.pdf">&itanium;</link>
- and the <link xlink:href="http://people.freebsd.org/~marcel/refs/ia64/itanium2/25111003.pdf">&itanium;
- 2</link>.</para>
- <para>Supported chipsets include:</para>
- <itemizedlist>
- <listitem>
- <para>HP zx1</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para>&intel; 460GX</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
- <para>&intel; E8870</para>
- </listitem>
- </itemizedlist>
- <para>Both Uniprocessor (UP) and Symmetric Multi-processor (SMP)
- configurations are supported.</para>
- <para>Most devices that can be found in or are compatible with
- &arch.ia64; machines are fully supported. The notable
- exception is the VGA console. The &os; support for VGA
- consoles is at this time too much based on PC hardware and not
- all &arch.ia64; machines have chipsets that provide sufficient
- PC legacy support. As such &man.syscons.4; can not be enabled
- and the use of a serial console is required.</para>
- </sect2>
<sect2 xml:id="proc-pc98">
@@ -651,9 +616,8 @@
<sect2 xml:id="disk">
<title>Disk Controllers</title>
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;,
- &arch.sparc64;] IDE/ATA controllers (&man.ata.4;
- driver)</para>
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;, &arch.sparc64;]
+ IDE/ATA controllers (&man.ata.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.pc98;] IDE/ATA controllers (wdc driver)</para>
@@ -1124,8 +1088,8 @@
<para>[&arch.i386;] DigiBoard intelligent serial cards (digi
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;] PCI-Based
- multi-port serial boards (&man.puc.4; driver)</para>
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] PCI-Based multi-port serial
+ boards (&man.puc.4; driver)</para>
@@ -1147,10 +1111,6 @@
- <para>[&arch.ia64;] Diva Serial (GSP) Multiport UART</para>
- </listitem>
- <listitem>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;] Dolphin Peripherals
@@ -1428,7 +1388,7 @@
<sect2 xml:id="usb">
<title>USB Devices</title>
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;] A
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] A
range of USB peripherals are supported; devices known to work
are listed in this section. Owing to the generic nature of
most USB devices, with some exceptions any device of a given
@@ -1436,14 +1396,14 @@
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;]
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
USB Ethernet adapters can be found in the section listing
<link linkend="ethernet">Ethernet
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;]
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
USB Bluetooth adapters can be found in <link linkend="bluetooth">Bluetooth</link> section.</para>
@@ -1451,14 +1411,14 @@
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;] USB
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] USB
2.0 controllers using the EHCI interface (&man.ehci.4;
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;]
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;]
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
Keyboards (&man.ukbd.4; driver)</para>
<para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
@@ -1490,7 +1450,7 @@
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;] Mice
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;] Mice
(&man.ums.4; driver)</para>
@@ -1569,7 +1529,7 @@
found at <uri xlink:href="http://www.x.org/">http://www.x.org/</uri>.</para>
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;]
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
Keyboards including:</para>
@@ -1588,12 +1548,12 @@
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;]
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
USB keyboards (&man.ukbd.4; driver)</para>
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;]
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
Pointing devices including:</para>
@@ -1613,7 +1573,7 @@
- <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;]
+ <para>[&arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;]
USB mice (&man.ums.4; driver)</para>
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+++ b/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/readme/article.xml
@@ -68,7 +68,6 @@
<para>&os; is an operating system based on 4.4 BSD Lite for
AMD64 and Intel EM64T based PC hardware (&arch.amd64;),
Intel, AMD, Cyrix or NexGen <quote>x86</quote> based PC hardware (&arch.i386;),
- Intel Itanium Processor based computers (&arch.ia64;),
NEC PC-9801/9821 series PCs and compatibles (&arch.pc98;),
and &ultrasparc; machines (&arch.sparc64;). Versions
for the &arm; (&arch.arm;), &mips; (&arch.mips;), and
@@ -326,7 +325,7 @@
<para>On platforms that support &man.bsdinstall.8; (currently
- &arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.ia64;, &arch.pc98;, and &arch.sparc64;), these documents are generally available via the
+ &arch.amd64;, &arch.i386;, &arch.pc98;, and &arch.sparc64;), these documents are generally available via the
Documentation menu during installation. Once the system is
installed, you can revisit this menu by re-running the
&man.bsdinstall.8; utility.</para>
diff --git a/release/doc/share/examples/Makefile.relnotesng b/release/doc/share/examples/Makefile.relnotesng
index 4f97ee5a1b75..9607e283a071 100644
--- a/release/doc/share/examples/Makefile.relnotesng
+++ b/release/doc/share/examples/Makefile.relnotesng
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
# the build tree.
-ARCHS= amd64 ia64 i386 pc98 powerpc sparc64
+ARCHS= amd64 i386 pc98 powerpc sparc64
UNITEXTS= hardware readme relnotes errata
diff --git a/release/doc/share/misc/dev.archlist.txt b/release/doc/share/misc/dev.archlist.txt
index ad7a6afa4ba0..6872ec0c007b 100644
--- a/release/doc/share/misc/dev.archlist.txt
+++ b/release/doc/share/misc/dev.archlist.txt
@@ -35,43 +35,43 @@
# Empty lines, and lines beginning with "#" are ignored.
# <Driver name><tab><arch>[,<arch>...]
-aac i386,ia64,amd64
+aac i386,amd64
adv i386,pc98,amd64
adw i386,pc98,amd64
aha i386
ahb i386
-ahd i386,sparc64,ia64,amd64
+ahd i386,sparc64,amd64
aic i386,pc98,amd64
amd i386,pc98,amd64
arcmsr i386,amd64
asr i386
ath i386,pc98,amd64,sparc64
-aue i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
+aue i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
axe i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
bce i386,amd64
-bge i386,pc98,sparc64,ia64,amd64
+bge i386,pc98,sparc64,amd64
bktr i386,pc98
bt i386,amd64
bxe i386,amd64
-cdce i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
-ciss i386,ia64,amd64
+cdce i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
+ciss i386,amd64
ce i386,pc98
cm i386
cnw i386,pc98,amd64
cp i386,pc98
ct pc98
ctau i386
-cue i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
+cue i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
cx i386
cxgb i386,amd64
-de i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
-dpt i386,ia64,amd64
+de i386,pc98,amd64
+dpt i386,amd64
ed i386,pc98
ep i386,pc98,amd64
esp sparc64
ex i386,amd64
fe i386,pc98,amd64
-fwohci i386,sparc64,ia64,amd64,powerpc
+fwohci i386,sparc64,amd64,powerpc
hifn i386,pc98,amd64
hpt27xx i386,amd64
hptiop i386,amd64
@@ -79,15 +79,15 @@ hptmv i386,amd64
hptrr i386,amd64
ida i386
ie i386
-iir i386,ia64,amd64
+iir i386,amd64
ips i386,amd64
isci i386,amd64
ixgb i386,amd64
-kue i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
+kue i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
lge i386,pc98,amd64
-mfi i386,ia64,amd64
-mlx i386,ia64,amd64
-mly i386,ia64,amd64
+mfi i386,amd64
+mlx i386,amd64
+mly i386,amd64
msk i386,amd64
mxge i386,amd64
my i386,pc98
@@ -99,9 +99,9 @@ ng_ubt i386,pc98,amd64
nsp i386,pc98
nxge i386,amd64
oce i386,amd64
-ohci i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
+ohci i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
oltr i386
-pcn i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
+pcn i386,pc98,amd64
pst i386
qlxgb amd64
qlxgbe amd64
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ rue i386,pc98,amd64
rum i386,amd64
run i386,amd64
safe i386,pc98,amd64
-sbp i386,sparc64,ia64,amd64
+sbp i386,sparc64,amd64
sfgxe amd64
sn i386,amd64
snc pc98
@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ ubser i386,pc98,amd64
ucycom i386,pc98,amd64
udav i386,pc98,amd64
uftdi i386,pc98,amd64
-uhci i386,pc98,ia64,amd64,powerpc
+uhci i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
ulpt i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
umass i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
umodem i386,pc98,amd64
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ urio i386,pc98,amd64,powerpc
uvisor i386,pc98,amd64
uvscom i386,pc98,amd64
vpo i386
-vx i386,pc98,ia64,amd64
+vx i386,pc98,amd64
vxge i386,amd64
wb i386,pc98,amd64
xe i386,amd64
diff --git a/release/doc/share/xml/release.ent b/release/doc/share/xml/release.ent
index 2c36985d023a..bdd58b70bd6a 100644
--- a/release/doc/share/xml/release.ent
+++ b/release/doc/share/xml/release.ent
@@ -65,7 +65,6 @@
<!ENTITY arch.amd64 "amd64">
<!ENTITY arch.arm "arm">
<!ENTITY arch.i386 "i386">
-<!ENTITY arch.ia64 "ia64">
<!ENTITY arch.mips "mips">
<!ENTITY arch.pc98 "pc98">
<!ENTITY arch.powerpc "powerpc">