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Remove picobsd build scripts and the remaining tinyware
Postings were sent to -arch@ on 2019/09/13 and 2019/10/01, proposing and confirming a removal of these scripts on 2019/10/31, due to significant work needed to bring this into the modern world and nobody having done this work in the past couple of years. No objections or proposed work was raised in response to these postings. The tinyware may see a resurrection into a separate repo for archival purposes if any users of it show interest in doing so. MFC after: never
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-1998.09.14, Warsaw
-This program replaces 'dmesg' utility, aand allows you to retrieve the
-system's message buffer without resorting to such dirty tricks as normal
-'dmesg' uses (using libkvm and /dev/kmem to directly read kernel
-memory.. *shudder*).
-This utility uses sysctl(3) interface. The mib variable it uses was
-recently added to the kernel sources, so if you don't mind patching your
-kernel tree, contact me directly - the patches are very small and simple.
-Andrzej Bialecki