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committerGlen Barber <gjb@FreeBSD.org>2014-08-06 19:04:05 +0000
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Merge the following from ^/projects/release-noxdev:
r269549, r269551, r269552, r269553, r269554, r269555, r269558, r269559, r269560, r269561, r269628, r269629, r269630, r269635, r269637: r269549: Create a new project branch, release-noxdev, for a sandbox workspace outside of head/ to update the release bits for arm builds since the deprecation of the XDEV and XDEV_ARCH make(1) variables. r269551: Define load_chroot_env() and load_target_env() prototypes. r269552: Call load_chroot_env() and load_target_env() where they can be mutually conflicting with regard to TARGET, TARGET_ARCH, XDEV, and XDEV_ARCH. r269553: Add shebang line to arm/*.conf files since these should be considered to be executable (albeit not on their own) shell scripts. r269554: Redefine load_chroot_env() and load_target_env() in the arm/*.conf files, and reindent. r269555: Simplify where load_chroot_env() and load_target_env() are called. r269558: Provide example in release.conf.sample for overriding the load_chroot_env() and load_target_env() prototypes. r269559: Remove a gratuitous newline. r269560: Unset potentially conflicting variables in load_chroot_env() and load_target_env(). r269561: Make global variables global, and accessible outside of the functions within which they were once defined. r269628: Remove XDEV/XDEV_ARCH evaluation if EMBEDDEDBUILD is set. r269629: In arm/release.sh, switch TARGET/TARGET_ARCH back to the original XDEV/XDEV_ARCH make(1) variables. In theory, this should have been a no-op, but the TARGET and TARGET_ARCH are now unset in load_target_env() to avoid collision with the chroot userland. r269630: Export variables in the arm/*.conf files because they need to be passed through release.sh to arm/release.sh. Set MK_TESTS=no for the xdev target. r269635: As part of the XDEV/XDEV_ARCH deprecation, the 'xdev-links' target was intentionally no longer invoked automatically. Invoke the xdev-links target after xdev, which creates, for example, /usr/bin/armv6-freebsd-cc symlink to /usr/armv6-freebsd/usr/bin/cc. r269637: Set TARGET and TARGET_ARCH to the XDEV and XDEV_ARCH counterparts for the xdev and xdev-links make(1) targets. Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=269639
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@@ -3,6 +3,11 @@
# $FreeBSD$
+# Redefine environment variables here to override prototypes
+# defined in release.sh.
+load_chroot_env() { }
+load_target_env() { }
## Set the directory within which the release will be built.