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Step 1 of eliminating the "games" distribution: Move binaries to /usr/bin;
update paths; and include everything in the "base" distribution. The "games" distribution being optional made sense when there were more games and we had small disks; but the "games-like" games were moved into the ports tree a dozen years ago and the remaining "utility-like" games occupy less than 0.001% of my laptop's small hard drive. Meanwhile every new user is confronted by the question "do you want games installed" when they they try to install FreeBSD. The next steps will be: 2. Removing punch card (bcd, ppt), phase-of-moon (pom), clock (grdc), and caesar cipher (caesar, rot13) utilities. I intend to keep fortune, factor, morse, number, primes, and random, since there is evidence that those are still being used. 3. Merging src/games into src/usr.bin. This change will not be MFCed. Reviewed by: jmg Discussed at: EuroBSDCon Approved by: gjb (release-affecting changes)
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=278616
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@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ desc_base="Base system (MANDATORY)"
desc_kernel="Kernel (MANDATORY)"
desc_doc="Additional documentation"
-desc_games="Games (fortune, etc.)"
desc_lib32="32-bit compatibility libraries"
desc_ports="Ports tree"
desc_src="System source code"