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authorColin Percival <cperciva@FreeBSD.org>2016-07-16 08:04:00 +0000
committerColin Percival <cperciva@FreeBSD.org>2016-07-16 08:04:00 +0000
commitd53ee33e1c6df506df8374a6dd1fdcdbe135cb39 (patch)
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Now that potentially buggy versions of Xen are automatically detected
(see r302635), there is no need to force msix interrupt migration off via loader.conf. Reverts: r302184 MFC after: 3 days
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=302929
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diff --git a/release/tools/ec2.conf b/release/tools/ec2.conf
index d22c9b0290a3..a273449843ee 100644
--- a/release/tools/ec2.conf
+++ b/release/tools/ec2.conf
@@ -72,12 +72,6 @@ vm_extra_pre_umount() {
# nodes, but apply the workaround just in case.
echo 'hw.broken_txfifo="1"' >> ${DESTDIR}/boot/loader.conf
- # Some EC2 instances run on a version of Xen which has a bug relating
- # to the migration of MSI-X interrupts; this is visible as SR-IOV
- # networking (aka. "EC2 Enhanced Networking") not being able to pass
- # packets. Disable MSI-X interrupt migration to work around this bug.
- echo 'machdep.disable_msix_migration="1"' >> ${DESTDIR}/boot/loader.conf
# The first time the AMI boots, the installed "first boot" scripts
# should be allowed to run:
# * ec2_configinit (download and process EC2 user-data)