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[PowerPC64LE] Initial GENERIC64LE kernel config.
This is slightly stripped down from GENERIC64, as PowerMac G5 machines are incapable of running in LE mode (so we can skip the Mac drivers.) While technically POWER6 and POWER7 have the hardware capability of running in LE mode, they have a tendency to trap excessively when a load/store is misaligned. (an extremely common occurrence in LE code, and one of the main reasons I consider BE to be superior, as it turns potential security issues into immediately obvious mangled numbers.) Additionally, there was no mechanism to control what endian interrupts are delivered in, so supporting LE operation on POWER6 and POWER7 involves some really dirty tricks in the interrupt vectors that I would rather avoid. IBM drew the line in the sand at POWER8 some time around 2013, embracing full support for LE in the platform, and making a push across the board for LE code to target POWER8 as a minimum requirement. As such, usage of LE kernels on POWER6 and POWER7 is practically nil, despite it being technically possible to do. The so-called "TRUELE" feature bit which is the baseline requirement for needed for PowerPC64LE was introduced in POWER8. Sponsored by: Tag1 Consulting, Inc.
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