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nfscl: Use vfs.nfs.maxalloclen to limit Deallocate RPC RTT
Unlike Copy, the NFSv4.2 Allocate and Deallocate operations do not allow a reply with partial completion. As such, the only way to limit the time the operation takes to provide a reasonable RPC RTT is to limit the size of the allocation/deallocation in the NFSv4.2 client. This patch uses the sysctl vfs.nfs.maxalloclen to set the limit on the size of the Deallocate operation. There is no way to know how long a server will take to do an deallocate operation, but 64Mbytes results in a reasonable RPC RTT for the slow hardware I test on. For an 8Gbyte deallocation, the elapsed time for doing it in 64Mbyte chunks was the same (within margin of variability) as the elapsed time taken for a single large deallocation operation for a FreeBSD server with a UFS file system.
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