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Retire the "-N" and "-W" options which implemented write-protection
for the disklabel: This facility is OBE. First of all, we cannot sensibly implement this in a properly stacked environment. Second, if we did, it would confuse the heck out of users who wouldn't be able to "start from scratch" by dd(8)'ing /dev/zero onto /dev/da0. Third, the offered protection is not comprehensive: no other software would respect it. Fourth and finally, the disklabel is already protected against tampering if it controls open partitions. Uselessness of these options discussed with: peter
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@@ -61,9 +61,6 @@
.Op Fl r
.Op Fl n
.Ar disk Ar protofile
-.Op Fl NW
-.Ar disk
.Fl B
@@ -311,27 +308,6 @@ If
is used, no data will be written to the device, and instead the
disklabel that would have been written will be printed to stdout. This is
useful to see how a partitioning scheme will work out for a specific disk.
-.Ss Enabling and disabling writing to the disk label area
-By default, it is not possible to write to the disk label area at the beginning
-of a disk. The disk driver arranges for
-.Xr write 2
-and similar system calls
-to return
-on any attempt to do so. If you need
-to write to this area (for example, to obliterate the label), use the form
-.Fl W
-.Ar disk
-To disallow writing to the label area after previously allowing it, use the
-.Fl N
-.Ar disk
.Ss Installing bootstraps
The final three forms of