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From Bde:
o Rewrote lots of it to be more like stty.1. The old one was too verbose and the complicated options no longer exist.
Notes: svn path=/head/; revision=1630
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-.Dd December 10, 1993
+.Dd May 15, 1994
.Os FreeBSD
.Nm comcontrol
-.Nd "control the bidirectional status of a sio port and waiting time after DTR drop"
+.Nd control an sio device.
.Nm comcontrol
.Ar sio_special_device
-.Op Cm bidir | Fl bidir
-.Op Cm dtrwait Ar ticks
+.Op options
.Nm Comcontrol
-is used to examine and modify the bidirectional status
-of a specified
-sio communications port
-and its waiting time after DTR drop.
-By default (if
-.Ar sio_special_device
-only specified),
-.Nm comcontrol
-will print the current port state
-(if kernel was built with
-.Cm options COM_BIDIR )
-as either
-.Cm bidir
-to indicate that bidirectional operation is enabled or
-.Fl bidir
-to indicate that it is disabled, string
-.Cm dtrwait
-and current waiting time in ticks
-after DTR drop.
-To modify the status of the port or waiting time, simply
-specify the desired new state
-and/or new waiting time
-on the command line. All users with
-read access to the
-.Ar sio_special_device
-can use
-.Nm comcontrol
-to get the port's status and current waiting time.
-Only root can set a port's status and waiting time.
-By default, each port is initially unidirectional, waiting time is
-2 seconds.
+is used to examine and modify some of the special characterstics
+of the specified sio device.
+If no arguments other than the device are specified,
+it prints the settings of all controllable characteristics.
+This usage requires only read access on the device.
+Only the superuser can change the settings.
+The following options are available:
+.Bl -tag -width Fl
+.It Cm dtrwait Ar number
+Set the time to wait after dropping DTR
+to the given number.
+The units are hundredths of a second.
+The default is 300 hundredths, i.e., 3 seconds.
The standard way to use
.Nm comcontrol
@@ -50,25 +33,21 @@ is to put invocations of it in the
startup script.
.Xr sio 4
+.Xr stty 1 .
.Bl -tag -width Pa
.It Pa /dev/ttyd?
-.Cm TIOCMSBIDIR: Inappropriate ioctl for device.
-This indicates attempt to change port status on
-a non-sio special device file,
-or the kernel has not been built with
-.Cm options COM_BIDIR .
-For more information concerning reconfiguration
-of your kernel see
-.Ar /usr/src/sys/i386/doc/config_options.doc.
+dialin devices.
+.It Pa /dev/cua0?
+dialout devices.
Christopher G. Demetriou
-It is strongly recommended that you do *not*
-change the bidirectional status of a port while there are programs
-using the port. Read that as: if you do, and it breaks, don't yell
-at me; that's a really weird thing to do.
+.Nm comcontrol
+should be named
+.Nm siocontrol .
Originally part of cgd's com package patches, version 0.2.1, to 386BSD 0.1.
+Once controlled bidirectional capabilities. Little is left to control now
+that these capabilities are standard.